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Day 114 ~ My Clients Rock
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: April 25, 2009
The other day Will and Talia stopped in after getting back from their honeymoon for a viewing & ordering session. Will's parents scheduled a family session a while back to get a few updated prints of the kids to include Talia (Will's fiancée at the time), and now that they're back from the honeymoon and finally settling into the married life, they wanted to get a few prints for themselves.

When I opened the door to let them in they made my day when they presented Kylie and I a box with 2 magic words on it... Sprinkles Cupcakes. Thanks so much, Will & Talia. You guys are the bestest!

Here's the before picture:

... and here's the after:

I didn't have a shutter speed fast enough to capture them before they were gone, but with grease spots like that, you know they were good


Day 113 ~ 8-Legged Smack Down
WHAT: Fun   |   WHEN: April 24, 2009
We had our first four-legged house guest on Wednesday night since getting Mia. Zoe is an 11 yr old Yorkie who's the sweetest, most well-mannered, intelligent, friendly dog you'll find on the planet. Mia, on the other hand, at only 4 months old, is, well, mostly none of those things. She's cute and friendly (in a rough house puppy kind of way), but she's got a complete lack of common sense and discretion. I can relate, but that's not the point here.

Poor Zoe, from the minute she set paw in the door, Mia was using her like a jungle gym. She just doesn't know any better. She thinks every dog has the same energy and instant desire to imitate WWF. Meanwhile, Zoe used to have that same puppy playfulness and energy, but she's been around the block a time or two, and now she's just a good ol' dog who relishes in takin' it easy.

We thought maybe things would calm down a bit after the first few rounds and they got the 411 on each other. After all, Zoe's a Yorkie and Mia's a Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie)... they're practically sisters, right? Survey says? Eyyyyyyyynt.

Kylie and I each had to take a dog and sleep in separate rooms to finally calm the storm that night. The next morning it was like we were playing a TiVo'd show of the previous night's performance.

Let's introduce the contenders, shall we? In the left corner, the rookie from Duncanville, TX, weighing in at 5.6 lbs w

Unfortunately we had to call our back-up plan, Kandis, to take Zoe for the rest of the weekend. Sorry, Zoe-girl. Maybe one day Mia will mellow out a bit and we can try again.


Day 110 ~ Glamour Shots + Hall & Oats = Awesome
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: April 21, 2009
Kylie and I went over to Jerry & Tina's Saturday night to eat a little Frito Pie Chilli and watch the Mavs game with some friends. After everyone else had left, somehow Jerry and I got on the topic of hair product... a bit of a recurring theme for us lately for reasons unknown to me. The funniest part is that we actually call it 'product' when we're talkin' about it.

At one point he invited me to go back to their master bathroom and check out the stuff he uses. I could stop here and the story would already be funny. Scary, but funny. We decided to try a little experiment and go overboard on the product and give ourselves some rock star do's and see how long we could keep a straight face like nothing ever happened when we walked back into the kitchen where Tina and Kylie were. They were so engrossed in their own conversation that it took them over a minute to notice - and enjoy - the hotness of our self-performed makeovers. Then we all busted out laughing.

Well, you can't do something like that to yourself and then not document it right? We headed down the hall into their office with the red walls and used a desk lamp to provide some rockin' backlight for our on-the-fly glamour shot images. BTW, all images were taken with a D3 and an 85mm f/1.4 lens. Thanks, Tina, for taking these precious images.

Move over McDreamy & McSteamy. Here comes McChachi and McSerial-Killy.

These will be the headshots for our Chippendale's applications. [grin]

Hall & Oats called... the asked if they could use the idea below for a cover image on their upcoming reunion tour CD.

We look like plastic dolls here... from Poltergeist.

Sassy, yet sophisticated... and fruity.

Okay, as dorky as I look in this last one, doesn't Jerry remind you of the Wolfman? Or better yet, maybe Teenwolf's dad? Hilarious.


Day 109 ~ Move Over Belgium
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: April 21, 2009
Back in Indiana in January, the bed & breakfast I stayed at before the wedding had a waffle maker, and my mom and I made waffles each day we were there. The other day she surprised us when a professional waffle maker recently showed up on the front door. Apparently according to her informal survey of the residents at the assisted living facility she works at in California, having a waffle maker and using it regularly is one of the keys to a long and prosperous marriage. Who knew, right?

We tried it out for the first time Sunday morning before church, and it R-O-C-K'd in the USA. Checkout this masterpiece below... and it was pretty much idiot-proof. In fact, I'm considering a grassroots effort to change the popular phrase "Easy as pie" to "Easy as waffles in a Waring Pro Waffle Maker" because I would argue that making a pie is inherently not idiot proof. Who's with me?


Day 108 ~ Puppets, Painting & Party
WHAT: Kids, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: April 21, 2009
Saturday was another installment of a Trinity birthday party. Those that have been around the blog a while may remember the hugely popular Cinderella party on her third birthday last year.

This year's gig was held at Slappy's Puppet Playhouse in the Galleria where the kids got to enjoy a puppet show production of Charlotte's web and I got to throw some graffiti on the kiddos' faces. Yep, I was one of the designated face painters... an obvious choice based on my experience level of, let's see, none. Good thing these weren't paying clients, 'cause I'd be shelling out refunds left and right.

In the end, good times were had by all... I know I gotta good laugh outta the painting gig.

Here's one of the few relative success stories I can share from my rookie outing as a face painter. Why this girl - or better yet, her parents - trusted me to create something remotely recognizable after seeing the half Pocahontas, half Richard Simmons head band I painted on Trinity to start off the day (it was supposed to be a princess tiera) is beyond me.

Not bad, though, right? I think she turned out okay. A little rough on the edges, but she was definitely a satisfied customer.

This poor little guy just wanted a little piggy face. Unfortuantely, I gave him one that looked like it was workin' the local red light district. Man, has his mascara run amuck or what?

So, while I'm strugglin' like you wouldn't believe to muster up something that remotely resembles harmless puppies and pigs, Tina's behind me gettin' her friggin' Picasso on crankin' out Marvel comic book heroes like Spider Man. It didn't long for my customer base to fall to , oh I dunno... ZERO, after the kids got a whiff of her super hero clinic she was puttin' on.

Trinity giving mom Tina a big ol' kiss after the party. Very sweet.

Happy birthday, Trinity!


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