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Paris ~ Part Deux
WHAT: Cityscapes & Landscapes   |   WHEN: April 9, 2010
See, my French is getting better already.  Oui? And thanks to a couple iPhone apps and Google tranlator, dinners are becoming less and less of a surprise each night, which to a degree is also a little less fun.

My schedule's been prety busy up until now, so I haven't had too much time to roam the city with a camera, just an occasional stroll in the immediate neighborhood surrounding my hotel in central Paris.  BTW, if you're ever in Paris and looking for a recommendation for a small, quaint hotel close to lots of stuff in the city, check out Hotel Sèvres Saint Germain.

Kylie's plane should be landing any moment now, and we've got the next two and a half days to explore the city, so I look forward to capturing some images with my "appareil photo" (camera).

For now, here's a few from my walks within a few blocks of the hotel.  The images may look a little over-sharpened... I tend to get lazy and not zoom in as much as I should while editing on a smaller laptop screen when traveling, so sometimes my sharpening gets a little ghetto.

This next image has a fair amount of noise in it, but it I liked the feel of it anyway.  It was taken at ISO 4000 at f/2.8 for 1/100th of a second, handheld, for any photographer geekers who might be wondering.

2 people with big cameras walking alone the River Seine.


Hello from Paris
WHAT: Cityscapes & Landscapes   |   WHEN: April 6, 2010
Got into Paris this morning.  Had a minor heart attack when I went to get off the plane and opened up the overhead bin to find my camera bag gone.  It was there 20 minutes before we landed when I put my laptop bag away, but I didn't see it anywhere when I stood up to exit the plane.  I'm sure I looked like a salmon swimming upstream as I walked quickly off the plane to see if someone ahead of me had grabbed it.  Then I heard this couple behind me trying to get my attention... seems the husband was doing his husbandly duties and grabbed my camera bag thinking it was his wife's camera bag as he was getting off the plane.  When they got on the tarmac she noticed he had a camera bag, pointed to hers on her shoulder and asked him who's bag he had.  Apparently they could tell that I was panicked (I'm guessing the lack of blood in my face gave it away), so they flagged me down and gave my bag back to me.  Sure enough, hers was almost identical to mine, just a hair smaller.  Whew.

I crashed this afternoon after getting to the hotel.  I think the cab ride with no air conditioning and the sun beating down on me thorugh the back window did me in.  I think I almost lost my American breakfast on the French cab driver.  Got up around 5 and took a walk for awhile before grabbing some Italian dinner and telling me waiter "gracias".  Oops.

Anyway, took a few photos that I'll post later.  For now, here's Notre Dame which is about a 20 minute walk from my hotel room.

Bon Jovi,


Jackson... and Lincoln [Frisco Newborn Photographer]
WHAT: Just the F.A.Q.s, Kids   |   WHEN: April 5, 2010

Hey, remember Laura from the previous post?  Sure you do... it was only a couple days ago, right?  If not, scroll down to the next post or just click here and see if that doesn't start ringin' a bell.  Well, Kylie and I were going to be close to their neighborhood workin' hard at gettin' massages this past Saturday morning, so we planned a somewhat impromptu mini session at Laura & Jason's house afterwards to try and get a few images of their ridiculously cute newborn son, Jackson... and a few we got.  At only two weeks old, Jackson - as most rookies that age do - had his own agenda, and a photography shoot wasn't high on his list of things to do that afternoon.  Nonetheless, we did manage to steal a couple images without him knowing.  Here's a sneak peek...

And of course big brother Lincoln was there to oversee everything and make sure he got a little camera time, too.  It's not fair for one family to have two boys this good lookin'.  Really.

Dad Jason was outside makin' Lincoln smile, or Linoln was makin' Jason smile... I'm not sure, it mighta been mutual.  In either case, it's such a fun interaction that it makes me smile every time I look at it.


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