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A Time To Give[away]: Please Read
WHAT: News   |   WHEN: December 4, 2008

First off, I take no credit for coming up with the idea below. Kylie mentioned to me doing something similar to this a while back, and then Kristen Kalp at Essential Imagery announced this today on her blog and encouraged/challenged other photographers to help give back as well. Thanks to both of you for inspiration [read: allowing me to blatantly copy].

This is without question my favorite time of year. I love the hustle and bustle of the Christmas crowds, the anticipation of taking some time off in late December, the excitement about getting together with family and loved ones during the Christmas season, the brisk weather where I can finally break out the jackets and sweaters that have been collecting dust all year, the inevitable ritual of watching the most famous Christmas classic of all time, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation… the list goes on and on.

For many people, though, this season is more of a painful reminder than a celebration. We all know someone who is struggling to barely hang on each month just to make ends meet, let alone be able to purchase anything that’s more than a basic necessity. We all know someone who’s suffered a devastating set back and is having trouble getting back on their feet, someone that has day after day given selflessly, gone without, and sacrificed greatly for the benefit of others, or someone that just hasn’t been able to catch that break that’s gonna give them some financial margin in their life. Think about it, Who is that person that you know? Here’s where I need your help.

Let’s face it – photography is a luxury item, it’s not a necessity. That being said, what is more important than our relationships and our memories? I would argue not much, which is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about photography. I am blessed beyond measure to be able to do what I do, and this Christmas season, I’d like to give that heroic person you know a chance to have the gift of custom photography. So, here’s the deal.

I’m going to give away a $1500 photography gift that can be used for canvases, slideshows, prints, albums, gifts… anything that I offer. And of course that includes a complimentary photography session. All I need is a deserving person who would cherish captured memories of their family, pet, and/or friends. You have the opportunity to make this a special Christmas gift for a special person, and as a bonus,, if you send in the nominee I select, you’ll also receive a complimentary photography session and a $250 print credit.

The Details:

You can’t nominate yourself, and the person you nominate should sincerely not be in a financial position to purchase custom photography for themselves. Someone who’s struggling to make the mortgage payment on their vacation home in the Florida keys or who just had the Porsche repossessed is not considered to be in legitimate financial need.

The person you nominate needs to live in the north Texas area (or possibly southern Oklahoma).

Please email me at telling me a little bit about the story of the person you feel should receive this gift.

All nominations must be received by midnight, December 22nd, and the gift recipient will be announced (only with their permission) on the blog on Christmas Eve. Please include your email and or phone with your nomination as well as the best way to get in contact with your nominee.

That’s it. So what are you waiting for? Break out your keyboard and start sending in your nomination. You can send in as many nominations as you want; just be sure to provide enough background to explain their circumstances. If all you say is “My neighbor Joe has had a rough year and would really enjoy your photography”, Joe’s prolly not gonna make it to the final round of nominees.

Thanks for helping me to help that someone you’re thinking of. God bless.

And finally, in case you know of someone outside of north Texas who is deserving, here are some other photographers you can contact who are doing the same type of thing. Make sure to check their details, though, as each person may be offering something slightly different.

Kaycee Dean, of Oklahoma
The Selanders, of Iowa/Nebraska
Alice Park Photography, of Georgia
Charlene Chavez, of California
Kimbrali Boyd, of Louisiana
Rachel Logan, of Texas
Surprise Photography, of New York
Lauri Stumph, of Minnesota
Laura Green, of Iowa
Kimberly Ann Photography, of Wisconsin
Peachyc Photography, of Manila (Yep, that's another country.)
Photo Art by Suzi, of Michigan
Krista Muskovin, of Michigan
Kelly Holder, of Kansas
Tiffany G, of Las Vegas
Bamboo Photography, of Pennsylvania
Mollie Kendall, of Texas
Marlo Yoshimoto, of California
Brandi DeLisi, of Tennessee
HRG Photo, of Washington
Josee Caza, of Toronto, Canada
Dini Groner, of New York
April Todd, of South Carolina
Steven Parker, of New York
Christine DeSavino, of New Jersey
Kristen Kalp, of Pennsylvania


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