Rob  excellent inspiration - thanks  Mar 12, 2009 ~ 5:57am
Molly W.  Thats funny, thats what I say about you! "No fair that God would give one person this much talent!" Great pics as always.  Mar 3, 2009 ~ 1:50pm
leanne  Lady in Red! You look awesome, T. Great job as usual, Matt. :)  Mar 2, 2009 ~ 9:35am
cecilyce write up f our sweet girl on your site  She looks amazing! Very nice write up of our girl on your site.  Feb 28, 2009 ~ 3:46pm
Cecile  Lovely ... did you take any bad shots, Matt...I mean all? Every one has such great dimension....  Feb 28, 2009 ~ 12:15pm
michele  my fav is close-up against the brick wall, but love them all. stunning. tina - you're gorgeous. wow, lots of beautys in the lone star!  Feb 28, 2009 ~ 11:52am
Candy  These are wonderful! She's going to have a hard time choosing what to use. :)  Feb 28, 2009 ~ 1:34am
Garry  Great pictures, I'm glad I got to meet this great family at your wedding. It would be hard to make a bad photo of this lady!  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 4:13pm
Jerry  Wow Matt, she is hot!  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 2:21pm
Tina  Thanks, Matt! It was fun! I just hope I can measure up!  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 1:24pm
Patrick Nicolosi  Great photos Matt.  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 12:48pm
Dennis Bullock  These are great Matt. The rich tones look fantastic!  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 12:33pm