Patricia  Great article. Thanks for sharing.  Jun 5, 2009 ~ 10:50am
Angela Hubbard  awesome! can i re-post this on my blog with a link over to yours?! let's all try to educate!!!  Mar 19, 2009 ~ 4:58pm
Suz  AMEN!  Mar 18, 2009 ~ 6:04pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Molly, et al. Just want to remind everyone that I didn't write this. Marianne Drenthe over at is the author of this document, and she was kind enough to share it with photographers to use as needed. I can't take any credit for her fantastic message.  Mar 18, 2009 ~ 9:34am
Gina  Oh, Matt! Just what I needed at the most needed time! Thanks! This will be put to use today!  Mar 18, 2009 ~ 7:03am
Molly W.  AMEN and thanks for saying all of this Matt. I'm not even a professional (yet!) and have already experienced this and it is SO frustrating. I really think peopple just "don't get it." I appreciate your explanation, hopefully this will shed some light.  Mar 18, 2009 ~ 4:59am
Jim Poor  Very interesting article that makes some really good points. One thing we need to be careful of though is any appearance that we may be gouging our clients. While I can see most of your time requirements as justified, I can't even come close to 90 minutes total for download and back-up. Not even on a 15 hour 10,000 frames day. Parse that down to two hours of shooting and I'll have all the images uploaded, backed up and be through the initial cull in 30 minutes tops. The rest of it sounds pretty much right on the money though.  Mar 17, 2009 ~ 9:35pm
Shelley Rankin  Hope you don't mind me putting this on my blog as well. It is something I have wanted to do for awhile and you helped nail down a good article to reference.  Mar 17, 2009 ~ 5:47pm
Jason Drumm  Slam Dunk Matt. From the three point line. Thanks for sharing.  Mar 17, 2009 ~ 1:48pm
Karen  well put...thanks!  Mar 17, 2009 ~ 1:14pm
Charlene Chavez  My response is usually, "Thank You", after hearing a client say I'm expensive. This is great info to share instead of my smile! lol  Mar 17, 2009 ~ 11:12am