Audry  YES YES YES. Please, please put me on the list NOW!:) and let me know date etc... so I can take vecation from my reg job.  Sep 30, 2011 ~ 1:12pm
Valerie Condon  Hey Matt, in answer to your question: Yes, I'd love to come learn from the Mastah Mattster, but I'd have to say I'm most intrigued with the Chewbacca impersonations. Maybe you could work that in somehow! Other than that, I think just teaching some metering techniques, and of course some of your famous PP techniques would be great. Do it, Do it, Do it!  Sep 29, 2010 ~ 9:12pm
Rae Mati  It's abou time. You have so much talent to share and I'm sure you will be great! I can't wait. Make sure you do one in your home state - hahaha! Seriously - do one soon!  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 2:08pm
Heather  I would love the opportunity to learn anything from you, your work is inspiring. PP is a given, as you are amazing...but I think learning a bit about how you interact with your clients to capture such honest photos would be helpful.  Jul 15, 2009 ~ 8:52am
Bliss  I am a total fan of your work. I simply love each and every single image you post here. I would love to learn from you, of course, BUT... I don't like the thought of you becoming one of those hundreds and hundreds of photographers selling their knowledge like selling theirs bodies. I rather enjoy your art (I am even thinking of buying some of your fine art that I love so much) than trying to emulate you knowing that I'll never reach your level, no matter how hard you try to teach me. Keep on going just like this :)  Jul 8, 2009 ~ 6:08am
Sharon in TX  Just saw this! Yes, yes, yes! DO IT!  Jul 7, 2009 ~ 11:40am
Amanda H  I am thrilled, put me on the list. I live in DFW so would love to do a full day workshop. I will email more. Thanks!!  Jul 6, 2009 ~ 2:28pm
april todd  I would be there for sure!! I would love to see how you interact with your clients- watch you actually shoot a session, and then some PP, and OCF!  Jul 3, 2009 ~ 6:43pm
kimbrali  matt i totally get what you are saying about the hundreds of worthless crap workshops that people are charging for but you are too...whats the word..... high strung perfectionist? anyways point is you are too great and caring and talented to give anything but a stellar workshop. i really think you would help sp many people BUT i dont like the fact that youd be sharing your talents that you worked so hard to learn so freely. :( anywho. ill be your assistant! and how did you score such a hot wife?  Jul 2, 2009 ~ 9:49pm
Sharon  Sign me up! I'm so glad you are finally thinking about this (after all of the begging your fans had to do. :)  Jul 2, 2009 ~ 8:03pm
toni   coming out of the shadows to say "wow! really!?" defintely post processing and flash!!  Jul 2, 2009 ~ 4:54pm
Gina  I would want to be first on your invite list...a little bit of off camera lightening, a little post processing, would love some use of textures, and a little bit of mastering the chewbacca noise wouldn't hurt.  Jul 2, 2009 ~ 8:47am
Elaine  Shelley, we can get there I know we can!! We'll share hotel rooms if we have to!!! Curious where in Canada you from?  Jul 1, 2009 ~ 2:44pm
Suzy E  Yay! I am so excited about this! You'll get an email from me!  Jul 1, 2009 ~ 8:49am
Shelley Rankin  I would be there if you didn't live so darn far away from Canada! :) you will rock this if you do it. Go for it! And I am jealous of those who will get to attend  Jul 1, 2009 ~ 8:09am
Aimee  Coming out of lurkdom to say that I would most definitely take one of your workshops.  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 7:03pm
tanya  music to my ears!! I'm in!!  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 5:44pm
Mollie Kendall  Matt, I've told you for years now on the boards, since I met you at Skye's workshop.... I would adore the chance to attend a workshop given by you. It just gives me goosebumps that you are considering it. I'll email you...  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 1:34pm
Sara S.  YAY!!! I'm thrilled you're considering it! I'd love to know things like how you meter, how you color balance, how you choose your angle, OCF, and especially your post processing methods.  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 12:51pm
Karen  hee hee...was wondering when your response was coming! ;)  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 12:23pm
Misty  SOOO glad to hear you are contemplating it! Definitely your processing and OCF.  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 11:35am
Rachel L  excited at the prospect! of course, you will be awesome! sent you a rambling e-mail...  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 10:43am
Stephanie  Everything Ralph said minus the chiggers. I'd have to make travel arrangements from MN (August in TX not preferred) and would love to bring Tom so we could both meet Kylie in person, if possible. :-)  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 10:10am
Kathy Norwood  I'm game for whatever you have in mind-but your off-camera lighting thoughts, your workflow and what inspires you...would be a few topics I'd like to see covered.  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 9:50am
Jess  Awesome! You'd do such a great job. For sure off-camera lighting and post-processing techniques!  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 9:42am
Patrick  I've emailed you about this before, and I would book my flight as soon as the information became available.  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 9:24am
Ralph Grant  I almost forgot... Margarita's afterwords. Lot's of Margarita's!  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 9:24am
Ralph Grant  I would be interested in a workshop. I personally think your "out of the studio" portraiture style would be a wonderful start. Advanced portrait lighting on the urban street, chigger infested field, or anywhere else would be a great gig with everyone shooting together and comparing images and approaches. Follow that up with some PS workflow / processing techniques and I would be there.  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 9:21am
Monica  Woo-hoo! Encyclopedic-length answer in an email :)  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 9:03am
jenny  We knew you'd eventually come around....yeah!!!  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 7:33am
Paula  I think I might have just felt my heart stop for a moment! Email comin'! (and could this mean that Kendra might come South and hang with me and my peeps for a couple of days?!?!) :o)  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 7:31am