kendra  Welcome to the world of gardening! The first year I planted corn, I marked on the calendar when it would be time to harvest and counted down the days. I got up the day I was supposed to harvest and raccoons had completely stripped the entire crop the night before. You'll lose a few but Roma plants produce like crazy!!! Hang in there.  Jul 10, 2009 ~ 9:52am
Monica  I have to agree with Kylie. We've not had great luck with birds lately (one committing suicide on our back window, remnants in our yard by neighbor's cats...). Anyway, sometimes those plastic owls work well in the garden. Maybe you can create a little "development" or "master planned community" with these birdhouses in those fields near your house?  Jul 10, 2009 ~ 9:32am
Hip  Ah, greenhorn, you have learned the troubles of "farming". The netting helps, it's just you won't add new tomotoes while it's on. Something about pollination....we've already gone through this. You also have to pluck the tomatoes when they're orange, or some form of critter will get them (birds, bugs, squirrels, etc.). The price you pay for not using pesticides. Enjoy and give me a call when the bruschetta is ready!  Jul 10, 2009 ~ 8:30am
Angela Nicolosi  Sure they weren't goin' for a worm in the tomato? ; )  Jul 10, 2009 ~ 7:41am
Dennis Bullock  Wow...photographer and farmer...who knew?  Jul 9, 2009 ~ 4:17pm