Jaret  great looking stuff man. just wondering if you were also using totally rad actions on the color images? if so, which ones are getting such depth and richness to the color? thanks  Aug 6, 2009 ~ 8:24pm
Charlene  Misfire is in your vocabulary? Even your misfires are freakin awesome! What a fun getaway.  Jul 28, 2009 ~ 6:17pm
Mollie Kendall  not much to say as I'm in awe. i luff you're work!!  Jul 20, 2009 ~ 11:56am
Monica  You have such a rich life filled with lots of friends and a great way of telling stories...I'm enjoying living vicariously through your images.  Jul 20, 2009 ~ 10:33am
Karen  matt, you continue to amaze me over and over and over (unending loop)...i love to "see" your adventures through your eyes. glad to see you got some quality "man" time in, hope Kylie got some good ladies time too!  Jul 20, 2009 ~ 10:14am
Barbie Schwartz  Beautiful images, as always, Matt. You have a gift for telling stories in pictures.  Jul 20, 2009 ~ 8:10am
Matt Nicolosi  Hi, Britanny. Wait, your husband's in prison?? [grin] Thanks for stopping by.  Jul 20, 2009 ~ 12:59am
Brittany Stover  Hey Matt, I just stumbled across your website and have to say YOUR WORK IS INSANE!!!! LOOOVE it. Anywhoo, I had to add that my hubster likes to play "Farkle" at the lake when he gets together with his buddies. Sooo funny, bc I didn't know anyone else played that game except people in prison. :) There have been some really really bad consequences if you lost....like sitting in a baby pool filled with ice cubes for 2 minutes....and some other stuff. :) Also saw that you love JESUS! Me too. I'll stop now. Just wanted to say, "Hi".  Jul 19, 2009 ~ 11:07pm
Daniel Fuentealba  a pinbal!!! that would make my day... great pictures! By the way... thanks for checking my blog... you should get some spanish classes then :)  Jul 19, 2009 ~ 8:57pm
Candy  I would post a comment, but I'm speechless. You've definitely raised the bar for get-aways...  Jul 19, 2009 ~ 4:39pm