jill  our dog sophie loves to take these in the backyard for a little snack. once when she was a puppy she got the tootsie pop too... :-0  Sep 3, 2009 ~ 7:38am
Susan Dodd  So very cute!!! Love those little cards!  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 8:53am
tanya  I always get a good laugh at these cards that are all over. I once thought it would be funny to collect them up and take a picture of all of them together & send it into the lab to give them a laugh. Love those guys over at WHCC. :)  Aug 25, 2009 ~ 11:28am
Melissa  That is funny. I think someone named Jeff is on my washer in my basement.  Aug 25, 2009 ~ 8:08am
Monica  I've found these tiny tags everywhere in the garage! So funny. Must have happened as you were folding down the cardboard boxes for recycling.  Aug 25, 2009 ~ 7:57am
Hippie  That is sad, you should have recycled it.  Aug 25, 2009 ~ 7:44am