Cristina C  Great post Matt, that first image is wonderful - I am going to give my Golden a big hug right now. He's getting up there in age - it's amazing what big a part of our lives they are.  Aug 31, 2009 ~ 10:35pm
viviana  Hi, Matt: Is it too much if I ask you how you iluminated this pic? it's very nice, also, what of your textures you recommend me to use in an oudoor shooting of children? I'm thinking pallete kniffe but I'm not so sure If it's soft enough for them. And last but not least, could you post again how do you combine them? and how do you do to get the skin color to match with the overall portrait when you use textures? thanks a lot,  Aug 30, 2009 ~ 5:38pm
Elaine  Sad to hear that...  Aug 28, 2009 ~ 9:44am
Maxime Perron Caissy  Sad story...... The emotions of the dog really gives a feeling of sadness. btw, I really like the style of your photos. I will come back to your site for sure!  Aug 28, 2009 ~ 7:44am
Mark C.  So sorry to hear of this Jerry and Tina and Trinity. I'll say a prayer for y'all.  Aug 27, 2009 ~ 11:13am
Rachel L.  oh, this is heart breaking. it's such a loss. i will pray for them this afternoon.  Aug 27, 2009 ~ 9:43am
sally   having faced that challenge several times myself, my heart goes out to this family. prayers for all of them will go up tonight. but what a beautiful gift you gave them in those 2 images by capturing part of their family's spirit.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 7:57pm
Ardis  Prayers are being sent up from my end of the world for this family..what a beautiful boxer..sounds like she had a beautiful life....  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 7:53pm
jen  So I just came across this post at exactly a few minutes after 4 pm and I am sobbing like a baby! I too have experienced the pain of losing a beloved pet and it is one of the hardest things to go through. My prayers are with you Jerry and Tina.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 4:12pm
Cindy  I will say a prayer for sweet Ally and for your friends as they grieve for the loss of their loyal companion. I went through the same thing last September so I know how heart breaking it can be. Hopwfully they'll find comfort, as I did, know that Ally will no longer be in any pain. A dog's love and loyalty is unconditional - no matter how flawed we are they love us. You can't ask for much more than that!  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 3:32pm
Lana  Oh this makes me sad for yall. I will keep you in my prayer. I had a boxer like this and my parents are about to have to do the same with their fourteen year old boxer. He is almost white from turning gray. They are so human and become a part of the family. I am so sorry you have to go through this.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 1:50pm
Sharon in TX  Thinking of you today, Jerry & Tina. I have been in this situation many times over the last several years. I know it so painful. But, I know you will also feel glad that you were strong enough to make a compassionate and loving decision for such an important family member. Sending happy thoughts for enjoying wonderful memories of your good friend.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 1:40pm
Marsha Stein  We had to go through this after her battle with cancer. We had the gentlest 120 lb Rottweiler who was a package deal when I met my husband. We treated her holisticly and even took her to a veteranary chiropractor. Our vet came to us just to make it easier on her. The day came and we took the day off and spent it at the beach with her. She was so happy but she could barely walk .Our vet with tears in his eyes reminded us that she was living for us and that she was one of the most spoiled dogs that he knew.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 12:30pm
Tina  Thank you, Matt. This means a lot to us.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 11:24am
kendra  My husband has been a vet for over 20 years and witnessing families going through this never gets easier. Pets definitely fulfill a special role in the family unit. So sorry for Jerry and Tina.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 9:26am
Barbie Schwartz  We went through this same thing a few years ago with our 16 year old Lab mix. My dear husband, who I had never seen shed a single tear, sobbed like a child that day. I so wish our furbabies could live longer, healthy lives...  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 8:15am
Julie  My heart goes out to them..I think we all know the pain of loosing a family member..Their in my thoughts..  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 8:00am
angela  This saddens me when a family is faced with this. As an owner of aging dog as well, I can't imagine what my family will go through when the time comes. Your images are beautiful Matt, and this family will cherish these.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 7:52am
Melissa  This breaks my heart. My dog was like my first child. She taught me how to care for another. I am thinking about this family during this difficult time.  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 7:51am