Jamie Kutter  you are so good Matt!  Oct 19, 2009 ~ 7:15pm
Krysta  I've been following your blog since you started posting the photos of Italy a few months ago. I love that it's a combination of portraits and things like this... gorgeous. And totally inspirational! THANKS :)  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 10:50am
Candy   Wowza...  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 9:08am
Julie  this picture is beautiful..  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 7:22am
Daniel Fuentealba  awesome picture and job with the textures and treatment... wow!  Oct 14, 2009 ~ 9:40pm
stephanie  ridiculous. And by that I mean ridiculously beautiful. :-)  Oct 14, 2009 ~ 8:49pm
Cristina C  One of my new favs from you Matt, just breathtaking.  Oct 14, 2009 ~ 8:21pm