Maryjane  Stunning photos. Fun to see the Moores. I will tell Kate and Dave to check the site out. Too bad we are too far away to have our own photo shoot! :)  Oct 22, 2009 ~ 9:00am
Aunt Cameron  These kids are growing up so fast. They are as beautiful as their cousins. When can we get them all together for a photo shoot like this?  Oct 21, 2009 ~ 7:09pm
Deborah  Matt - thanks for living up to the hype I spread around the office. Groff and Moore family photo sessions absolutely rock.  Oct 21, 2009 ~ 4:39pm
Larry  Love the third image, of the couple about to kiss framed by kids on shoulders and in arms...excellent!  Oct 21, 2009 ~ 12:24pm
Kay   Beautiful pictures. Adorable children. Great job!  Oct 21, 2009 ~ 12:11pm
Ash McSorley  Great photos! I take good pictures. Love it! I may have to use that line :)  Oct 21, 2009 ~ 12:05pm
Linda  Such a beautiful family. The pictures are really nice.  Oct 21, 2009 ~ 11:31am