Melanie  I've known the Styers for years.(Mike was our ringbearer 30+ years ago.) What a blessing for us that you shared your gift of freezing time and capturing a moment in the life of this beautiful young family. As you know they are beautiful both inside and out. Thank you!  Jan 9, 2010 ~ 1:07pm
Susan Scott  OK...I am crying right now after seeing your amazing work! Matt, you have a gift. Thank you for showing an aunt who misses her family reminders of the special gifts she has been given. I love these photos!!!  Oct 24, 2009 ~ 12:16pm
Pam  As Michael's aunt and Reagan's great aunt, I just have to say, WOW! These photos are absolutely stunning! Thank you, Matt for capturing these special people in my life so beautifully.  Oct 24, 2009 ~ 7:50am
Dale  Beautiful pictures!!! That has to be the cutest niece a guy could have!!  Oct 23, 2009 ~ 10:43am
Lisa  How soon are you coming to Cincinnati to photograph my family like this? It's refreshing to see your new posts everyday! Friend of Leanne Bryant.  Oct 23, 2009 ~ 8:55am
Janella  These are gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous people make the work easier, too!  Oct 23, 2009 ~ 8:32am
Becky  Reagan is a cutie! With regard to her appearance, she's almost a perfect blend of both her parents!  Oct 23, 2009 ~ 8:11am
Monica  These are gorgeous images, and she is precious. What sumptuous colors! Too bad in Austin it's either green or brown.  Oct 23, 2009 ~ 7:33am