Kathy Hodges  The shot of Cassidy over the shoulder vintage 1940's style is absolutely stunning. This is a money shot!! Great work.  Nov 3, 2009 ~ 7:41pm
San Juana Figueroa  Precious and breatheless moments --- the photographer did a spectacular job of capturing every facial expression. I am still teary-eyed from seeing the beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing and making my day a beautiful one.  Nov 2, 2009 ~ 10:54am
Garry or Great Father inlaw which ever you prefer  Great pictures I have seen recently on your site. You have quite a talent. I hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 4th of November and a good safe trip to Cancun this weekend Love Ya both !!!  Nov 2, 2009 ~ 10:43am
Linda   These are so beautiful. You will be so happy you have these in years to come.  Nov 2, 2009 ~ 10:43am
Shelley Rankin  Just gorgeous! Love your tones and the way you manage to capture the special moments. Awesome job!  Nov 1, 2009 ~ 5:05pm
Dana   Wow. Really incredible. The colors.... I'm just a beginner, but visiting you blog always gives me such inspiration.  Nov 1, 2009 ~ 10:40am
Melissa  Lovin the storyboard. Looks like you should be about ready to offer more storyboard templates for sale...right???  Nov 1, 2009 ~ 10:35am
Audry  Beatiful earth tones. Matt is this one of the templates we are going to be able to purchase? would love them. thanks for sharing.  Nov 1, 2009 ~ 10:34am
Jamie Kutter  what an awesome family session Matt! I love all the details. beautiful work!  Nov 1, 2009 ~ 8:40am
Georgia  These are beautiful! I don't know how I stumbled on your site some time ago- but have yet to comment. These brought me out. Way to go!  Nov 1, 2009 ~ 8:22am
Erin   Beautiful family and beautiful images!  Nov 1, 2009 ~ 7:29am
Monica  You get to photograph the most beautiful families...no wonder your images come out so brilliantly! Well, that and a little Nicolosi magic. Stunning work.  Nov 1, 2009 ~ 7:19am