courtney bowlden  wow. these are stunning. i have just become an instant fan!  Jan 21, 2010 ~ 5:58pm
Christine  I stumbled onto your blog from the textures video posted on YouTube. So now I'm a stalker, I mean follower. What a cool portrait session, and I'm sure the family is thrilled with the results. Looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work this year.  Jan 15, 2010 ~ 12:08pm
Karen Cook  Great pictures! I'm not prejudiced just because Keith is my brother, either!  Jan 10, 2010 ~ 9:36pm
Monica  Outstanding, Matt! I love seeing the creative ways you posed the family and the 2nd-to-last wall shot is my favorite - gorgeous colors, beautiful family. I still use my Polaroid, btw.  Jan 8, 2010 ~ 11:38am
Holly  oh yeah. these are awesome. GREAT work!!!!!!!!  Jan 8, 2010 ~ 11:04am
Michelle Guzman  The colors are just beautiful. You do such amazing work!!!!!!!  Jan 8, 2010 ~ 12:40am
Heather Wolff  I followed your 365 project through my Reader in 2009, and I finally had to tell you that you amaze and inspire me as a photographer Thank you! This family session rocks :)  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 9:24pm
Lana  those were amazing!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 7:20pm
Marlene Fast  These are wonderful - and a great looking family! My favorite is the family on the graffiti wall (second last image?) Fabulous!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 3:56pm
Calvin Hill  Love the family portraits. Great Job! Love viewing your images.  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 3:41pm
Jamie Kutter  love this session! I especially love the first few images...  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 3:29pm
Dennis Bullock  What a family! These are so great Matt!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 12:56pm
tanya  Well I think you've made up for their 14 years of NO family photos! Fantastic job. I'm sure they are thrilled!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 11:09am
Karen  I love your B/W conversions...they are all incredible!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 11:00am
Anne-Marie  I love these. All of them. Beautiful family & even more beautiful photos.  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 9:59am
Candy  Love. Them.  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 9:27am
Stacey  Awesome captures of a gorgeous family! I love the urban setting for this and the posing is perfection!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 9:10am
A. Weight  What a Gorgeous Family to not have taken a Family Pic in 14 Years!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 9:00am
Jaime  some of the coolest family pics em!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 8:29am
michele  oh my. what an incredible session. what a BEAUTIFUL family. love the one with their last name up against the brick wall. love them all matt. fab!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 8:26am
kristin cook  These are wonderful! Great shots and posing!!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 8:22am
Kathy Norwood  As always, Matt you rock. You can tell the family really enjoyed their session with you. One day, I've got to get you to tell me how to use the f-zero RAD action. I just can't seem to get the hang of that one. Blessings!  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 8:11am
Chad Pennington  Awesome Job Matt. This is Chad Pennington the Gy from Jersey that talked to you last week. Good Job  Jan 7, 2010 ~ 8:09am