Anne-Marie  You guys are seriously the cutest couple! And both ridiculously talented. My favorite has to be the "love you much" card, but mostly because this is something my 2-year-old is always saying.  Feb 23, 2010 ~ 2:11pm
kathy Norwood  Matt, Once again, you've pegged my laugh meter. I share your blog with my husband in the mornings when he is not out working for a living. I love your ideas and as long as you keep blogging I don't have to stay up late and watch Late Night because I get my humor fix here.  Feb 19, 2010 ~ 8:22am
Angela Nicolosi  Oh my - that is entirely too much talent for one household. And now Kylie has put the pressure on Nicolosi women everywhere - before all we had to be was good cooks! Wonderful work, both of you.  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 3:48pm
Matt  Thanks, all, for the kudos to my awesome wife. I definitely married up. Nancy - I don;t remember the exact color but it's a muted light blue Behr paint from Home Depot. I'm really happy with the way it turned out because it's easy to be just a hair off and end up with something that looks baby blue or two gray. I'm not sure we still have any paint left over in the can, but if we do, I'll post another comment with the name of the color.  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 1:53pm
Karen  your woman is the bestest! what a creative idea! i love her adorable valentines...i'm thinking i should bring up an etsy card shop idea to her! :) hope y'all had a happy valentines!  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 11:10am
Michelle Henrick  Cards are FABULOUS and your set up cracks me up...the lens cap especially. I have no original ones left :( Photo is awesome!  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 10:56am
Jaime  LOVE the studio shot! and kudos to your sweetie for such thoughtfulness! Its good to know romance is still alive! ;o)  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 10:52am
michele  omgoodness, you two are the perfect match! can't wait to see you two soon. btw, kylie - you are setting the vday bar entirely waaaay too high (hee hee). i can already see kylie as mom! gorgeous work. both of you.  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 9:58am
bev hawley  Kylie Hope you start up your own blog with some of these incredible ideas. Having a resident photographer at your disposal it could become an Artful Blogger example.  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 9:49am
nancy  Matt, you better hang on to that girl!!! Beautiful valentines & you are Oh so Pampered!!! By the way, would you share the color on your walls. Love it!  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 9:29am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Oh gosh, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a ghetto-ed dinning room table top. Mine seems to be endlessly cluttered with strips of taped together foam core, scraps of fabric for backdrops, reflectors, old shipping boxes for stages...and on and on...oh, and let's not forget various ZRay lights and their chargers. Thanks for sharing your own little studio in the hood!  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 9:09am
Suzy E  I'd say you are both "crafty"!! Love the lighting demo!!  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 8:34am
jodi  good luck to kylie on her new venture. the cards are fabulous!! and thanks for the pull-back shot. "soon-to-be lost lens cap" = hysterical. it must have run away with mine!!  Feb 18, 2010 ~ 7:27am