Heather  Oh I was way longer than a nano second there!!! I kept wondering when the punch line was :) Sorry to hear about the flu though - our 5 year old just started it tonight too-NOT Pretty!  Feb 24, 2010 ~ 9:15pm
A. Weight  So for a nanosecond there, that first shot totally looked like a pregnancy announcement! Crackers and Sprite Zero are great for morning sickness! ;) That thermometer (that's what it actually is right) looked like a Pregnancy Test!  Feb 24, 2010 ~ 8:54am
Karen  Sorry, dude...being sick is no fun, even if you get to play hooky! Hope you're feeling better soon!  Feb 24, 2010 ~ 7:52am
Chhad Pennington  Get better champ  Feb 24, 2010 ~ 7:47am
gina  awwww.... hope you feel better soon...chicken soup does wonders :)  Feb 24, 2010 ~ 7:36am
Kim  Feel better soon Matt.  Feb 24, 2010 ~ 5:52am
Stacey Reese  I hope you feel better soon! The flu sucks! You continue to amaze me with your ability to create unbelievable images from simple objects. Envious! When you start feeling better, I hope you'll start planning your photoshop workshop...pretty please?!  Feb 23, 2010 ~ 10:45pm