ashley  you really are an amazing photographer. you captured Paris a way that does it justice. when i went i was not a photographer and describing its beauty and charm is hard to do. but you captured it, you don't have to have words with these photos. they speak volumes.  Apr 18, 2010 ~ 12:09pm
Steve  Just watched your texturing video on you tube...thanks. Love your Paris work..will stay tuned.  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 4:50pm
tanya  Thanks for taking us to Paris Matt, it was fun! Love the images as always.  Apr 13, 2010 ~ 2:56pm
Monica  Couldn't wait for you to post these, Matt. Although they're all amazing and story-rich my favorite is the Barbie car--everything about it is perfect. Hope you get back to CDST soon.  Apr 13, 2010 ~ 10:15am
Candy always. LOVE your shot from the tour bus! Can't WAIT for your graveyard images! Maybe a little Jim Morrison? Oui?  Apr 13, 2010 ~ 9:59am
kathy norwood  Oh yea, that guy was totally checking the girl out! Doesn't scaffolding just ruin it. I guess if they didn't fix stuff then we wouldn't be able to photograph it years later. Love the post.  Apr 13, 2010 ~ 8:09am
Shelley Rankin  Amazing Amazing. Wow. Your eye for composition is amazing. Your ability to see through such a creative eye. I love each of these. Very inspiring!  Apr 13, 2010 ~ 7:32am
jodi  perfection. looks like you had a beautiful time!  Apr 13, 2010 ~ 5:31am