Gwen Aragon  You guys make a lovely couple. Love the black and white photo shoots as well as the color prints. Nice.  Jun 9, 2010 ~ 10:34pm
kendra  Beautiful, as usual!  Apr 25, 2010 ~ 5:46pm
Rachael  Matt, I love how you pose your clients. They always look relaxed and natural. Great job!  Apr 22, 2010 ~ 10:30am
jasonschafer  I just love the warmth in these photos. It really shows the closeness of this couple.  Apr 21, 2010 ~ 11:23am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Lovely photos of a clearly happy and contented couple. Love the textures, the sun flare, and the monotones - great work!  Apr 21, 2010 ~ 7:53am