Amy Lindsay  WOW! Those are too COOL!  Jul 18, 2010 ~ 10:35am
Otto Haring  Heeey!!! Very nice!!! Thanks for the light setup.  Jul 12, 2010 ~ 5:16am
Jessica Nichols  okay seriously?? this is AMAZING. Incredible work.  Jun 3, 2010 ~ 11:18am
Julie Sowers  They are BOTH really hot!!! I can't add anymore than what has been said. Just awesome!!!  May 20, 2010 ~ 3:30pm
Amy   va-va voom!! Lauren couldn't get anymore gorgeous. I love the images Matt. You did a beautiful job!  May 15, 2010 ~ 10:46pm
Stacie Hawley  These are fabulous!!! I am loving all the different light angles...yum.  May 13, 2010 ~ 2:26am
haley b.  wow! matt, these images are amazing! i LOVE them! and lauren looks perfectly gorgeous in each and every one of them. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!  May 12, 2010 ~ 2:12pm
Windy  I too grew up with Lauren and Ron and all I have to say is HOT HOT HOT!!!  May 11, 2010 ~ 5:50pm
Melissa  Lauren, you are beautiful!!!! Great pictures Matt. I would never have guessed this was a mock session.  May 11, 2010 ~ 12:40pm
Sharon  Holy smokes, Batman! You get better and better every time I read your blog. I want to take YOUR class at TX school next year.  May 10, 2010 ~ 11:06am
Sharon in TX  Yowza! Hot shots! Love all the creativity, but REALLY love those shoes... (P.S. Which forum are you all part of?)  May 10, 2010 ~ 7:28am
Amanda H  SEXY!!! Love these, wish i could have made it to Texas School this year, next year for sure. Great, creative, fabulous!  May 9, 2010 ~ 10:43pm
Julie  These pictures are Rockin'!! I love your work!! I so need to learn ocf..  May 9, 2010 ~ 10:36pm
Jamie Kutter  matt these are amazing! so sad I missed seeing you work this year!  May 9, 2010 ~ 10:11pm
Mollie Kendall  Lauren and Ron.... you guys rocked it out! Stellar smokin as usual, Matt. I loved watching you work and really enjoyed getting to know you in person! Thanks for having me help out!  May 9, 2010 ~ 4:52pm
Coco  So filppin' good. Wow. Lauren, you look AMAZING! Photography - just ok... LOL!!! Seriously stunning Matt. Great job.  May 9, 2010 ~ 2:22pm
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nancy  very romantic & sexy!! beautifully done!  May 9, 2010 ~ 8:02am
Angela Nicolosi  You should shoot for fun more often - fabulous!  May 9, 2010 ~ 7:26am
kristin cook  um, seriously??!!! These are gorgeous! completely fabulous!!!!  May 8, 2010 ~ 11:19pm
Kelly  These are amazing!! WOWEE! Love them! Funny, I just did a highshool senior tonight and did the reflection in a puddle of water! I love your work - you are very inspiring! I wish I could learn to edit like you!!!  May 8, 2010 ~ 11:13pm
bev hawley  Matt, you never cease to amaze me. Incredible work!  May 8, 2010 ~ 10:32pm
Lara Beck  WOW! I grew up with Lauren and Ron and saw a couple of these pics on their facebook page so had to come check out your blog. You have amazing talent!! And Lauren and Ron make amazing models! :) I'm now going to subscribe to your blog to come back on a regular basis. Truly inspirational.  May 8, 2010 ~ 9:26pm
Marlene Fast  OMG - I must admit that I'm a blog stalker - but over the past few months I have unsubscribed to many of them - but yours is not one of them. You continually amaze me - and these are FABULOUS. You ROCK, Matt!  May 8, 2010 ~ 9:11pm
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kimbrali  oh my hotness. wow. i didnt know lauren had this in her until i finally met her in person :) she looks so sweet and innocent but i saw the hair swinging at tx school. shes beautiful and these are absolutely incredible. high five matty matt.  May 8, 2010 ~ 6:33pm
Timothy Pham  I could close my eyes and point to any one of these images, and they would be magazine ad ready! Amazing session Matt!  May 8, 2010 ~ 6:32pm
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