kendra  Your 19-year-old alarm clock story is way better than my 25-year-old cosmetic bag story. Great post, Matt!!  Aug 1, 2010 ~ 12:40pm
@mackphoto  This is a great random post Matt ... plus, I hadn't seen an electronic device with the name SoundDesign oh, in about 19 years. :)  Jul 30, 2010 ~ 8:07pm
Mollie Kendall  A ha... I'm so laughing. The alarm by my bed has been with me since I was 14. There is a local commercial here that uses the same tone. It's been running for years. I'm *praying* for my clock to take a dive as it's sound makes me tense. Kind of a Pavlov's Dogs kind of thing. Gorgeous photos... as always. I need to put your 15 min rule into effect each week and find something random to photograph. For me :)  Jul 30, 2010 ~ 12:36am
tanya  Great post, got me thinking. I have had mine Sony alarm clock since my 11th birthday. (making it 22 years old) And it's still kicking. Crazy how long those things last. I may just have to do a post on that too! I don't think I have any other electronic that has lasted that long. :)  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 11:57am
Barbie Schwartz  You know, Matt, I've often said I want to be you when I grow up because of your photography skills and talent. But it's also your writing skills and talent. You are incredibly gifted.  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 9:19am
Jill Louvar  matt....only reading your blog would i start to tear up about an alarm clock that doesn't functions well. but the soft spin that your words imply make your alam clock apear as a friend and an old companion. Isn't it amazing how the things and people that surround us spark memories .....good and bad, but non the less events we remember for a life time no matter how small the memory.  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 8:59am
Angela Nicolosi  My brother and your mother produced one amazing kid. Wow, Matt!  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 8:54am
Monica  This post is a nice tribute to the alarm clock and something you can always look back to when you miss it :) It's discouraging how things made these days don't seem to last as long (unless you spend $$$, and even then sometimes). That's why decluttering takes so long...all those memories attached to things makes the task heavier than it ought to be. Loved this post.  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 8:32am
Suzy E  Gee, you have me choking up here. Over a silly little alarm clock. I agree with Laurie. You should write a book. You are an amazing writer.  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 8:27am
Laurie  You should write a book! Beautiful images AND beautiful words..  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 7:25am