Matt  @Monica - if I had a 24-7000mm, I wouldn't care about being stealth... I'd just take the photos from a half a mile away [grin]. Actually I was using the 85mm so it' not quite as big. And honestly, because I didn't know you weren't supposed to take photographs, I probably just looked like I was supposed to be three taking photos... you know, like when you carry a clipboard and act like you're on official business - you can get access to a lot of stuff!  Aug 3, 2010 ~ 9:11pm
Sue Ellen Pesl, Austin PPA President  I love me some Canton... but have never seen it quite like this! What a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing! :)  Aug 3, 2010 ~ 8:58pm
Monica  Beautiful eye candy. My favorite was the signs, no, the glass thingies, no the mics...nevermind. How were you "stealth" with your 24-700mm? Seems a bit hard to hide.  Aug 3, 2010 ~ 5:09pm
Amy B  beautiful! as usual! btw, did anyone do an audio recording of your talk a few weeks ago?  Aug 2, 2010 ~ 9:13am
Amanda H  I love Canton but never in the summer. I am looking forward to heading there this fall. I always wish I could get some good photos of all their goodies while I am there. Love that you were able to sneak in a few. :)  Aug 2, 2010 ~ 12:51am
Robin McQuay Anderson  If wishes were horses, beggars would ride -- all the way to Canton to check out all the cool stuff. Love your view of that particular part of the world!  Aug 1, 2010 ~ 8:54am
Cassie Henley  I have been to Canton numerous times and I have never seen it look as good as you make it look through your photos. :)  Jul 31, 2010 ~ 3:38pm