Crystal DelaHoz  Love Rachel and Love that she got some amazing matt signature photos! Seriously, just stunning as always matt.  Nov 6, 2010 ~ 2:27am
Claudia  Love them! Absolutely beautiful. They captured so much of the personalities of Rachel and Lance.  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 11:34pm
kimbrali  congratulations rachel!!!! 15 years is a looooong time :) love this. great job matt.  Oct 12, 2010 ~ 5:20pm
Jess  Rachel looks gorgeous!! I love it! Don't worry Matt, my hubby & I have plans for our "Nicolosi" session someday. :)  Oct 12, 2010 ~ 3:14pm
tanya  LOVING this one Matt, you totally rocked the sunflare!  Oct 12, 2010 ~ 2:14pm
Claude  One of your best Matt. Awesome! I love the way you integrated the sun and flares in the image. Beautiful light on the subjects.  Oct 12, 2010 ~ 10:56am
Rachel   awww, matt, you're such a tease! i love it! can't wait to see the rest.  Oct 12, 2010 ~ 9:00am
Tina  Really beautiful, Matt.  Oct 12, 2010 ~ 8:44am
Erick Claytor  As usual Matt, you captured the essence of a loving couple... this is a beautiful testament of their life! I look forward to seeing more of what you captured.  Oct 12, 2010 ~ 5:37am