Ruth Phillips  These are all beautiful .It was hard to make a choice but i chose the last one there was something different about it and special  Nov 11, 2010 ~ 11:49am
Molly Woodall  THREE 8 year old boys? They don't look like they have a care in the world! BEAUTIFUL! And, aren't you glad that you took just one last shot? That one is PERFECT!  Oct 19, 2010 ~ 1:33pm
Amanda H  All of these are fantastic, very creative imagery going on here. :) I need a just because session with my hubby. Looks like fun!!  Oct 17, 2010 ~ 11:17pm
lindey  love! those reflections shots are amazing & that last one...!!  Oct 15, 2010 ~ 4:54pm
Erick Claytor  Matt... your photography is such an inspiration! Viewing these images inspires me to push myself to become a better photographer... Thank you for that!  Oct 15, 2010 ~ 1:14am
Teresa  Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I'm a big fan of "just because" shots.  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 12:08pm
Sharon  Wow, Wow! These are fantastic! Love , love the posing. Rachel you look amazing!  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 10:00am
Michele  Speechless.  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 9:58am
Karen  Amazing work, Matt! Rachel is so awesome...funny, sweet, not to mention a hot mama! ;) So fun to see photographer friends on the other side of the camera!  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 9:47am
kimbrali  daaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmn. thats all i have to say. to both you matt and to you hottie rachel and your stud husband too :)  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 9:45am
Monica  What a great session, and how cool to see Rachel! These are such special photographs you could never get anywhere else. That last image is captivating.  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 9:42am
Christine DeSavino Photography   Unbelievably beautiful...the couple and the images...Matt, it was pretty hard to pick a favorite seeing as they're all amazing, but that first reflection shot just grabbed me!  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 9:36am
Matt  Lisa & Shelley: The flash was sitting on the ground about 8 ft. behind Lance, and it was set on manual at about 1/32 power (triggered with a Pocket Wizard). Hope that helps!  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 9:33am
Rachel   thanks again, Matt. i can't say enough about how happy with are with them. you are the best!  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 8:49am
Shelley Rankin  Wow. Love the last one and the reflection shot. They are all great. You are amazing. I would love to know what you settings are on the flash shot you took at the end. I know... geek.  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 8:40am
Lisa  Loved how you used the reflections in the building, very cool. Question; is he holding the flash in that last shot?? Thanks!  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 8:36am
Krysta  I love the way you pose your clients. They always look so casual and cool - but Comfortable! You rock. I'd love to have some images like this of me and my Mister. If you're ever in Beautiful British Columbia... :)  Oct 13, 2010 ~ 1:55am