Karen Cook  The pictures of Brandon and Perrin are fantastic! I can't decide which is my favorite. Keith's sister, Karen  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 9:43am
Ronald Peixoto  Great as always. You rock!  Nov 26, 2010 ~ 3:26pm
Dennis Bullock  Fantastic work Matt!  Nov 24, 2010 ~ 8:22pm
Teresa  Great stuff, Matt. Really love the reflection shots! Happy Turkey Day to you & family!  Nov 24, 2010 ~ 12:04pm
Allison Davis  beautiful session. I love the ones at the reflection pool - they're just lovely.  Nov 24, 2010 ~ 11:44am
Rachel  GEEEEZZZZ. these are good. couples are your thing. love them all. the lighting at the reflection pool is incredible. gorgeous session.  Nov 24, 2010 ~ 11:10am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Orignal and just beautiful - hope they order a nice big canvas of the reflecting pool image. Great capture!  Nov 24, 2010 ~ 10:35am
Amanda H  Absolutely gorgeous, a great job at capturing real emotion and love of a couple getting ready for marriage. Great job as usual, love the reflections!  Nov 24, 2010 ~ 9:58am
sally   LOVE the last reflections!! you know you have great clients when they are willing to lay in the water on the pavement. Fabulous images.  Nov 24, 2010 ~ 5:41am
Mindy  Just admiring your work and what do I find? One of my very favorite students all grown up and gorgeous! Perrin, sweet girl, so excited for you! Love, Miss Myers/Mindy Tullis  Nov 24, 2010 ~ 12:51am