Jenifer  Matt, as always, you are incredible!!  Dec 12, 2010 ~ 6:36am
Mimi & Poppy  These are incredible pictures. We love them all. The love in the eyes of RJ and Cassidy for their new brother gives us chills. We are so proud of our grandkids.  Dec 10, 2010 ~ 7:35pm
JC  Thanks again Matt and Kylie! And, uh, there won't be a 4th. :) Might have to get the shih-tzus in some of the next ones.  Dec 10, 2010 ~ 11:57am
Amanda H  Oh my goodness that little Cassidy has the most incredible eyes!! My favs are the 3 kids together, just what every mother would treasure. *This is good practice for you, isn't it!  Dec 9, 2010 ~ 4:34pm
Natalie Clayshulte  All of these are fantastic but the picture with little miss curls on the big wheel has such a 1950's feel to it. I love it!!  Dec 9, 2010 ~ 1:10pm