dawn  So, so awesome! I love the end of the slideshow when the photos all pop up. Stellar program you are using!!  Jan 4, 2011 ~ 5:39pm
Jamie  I think it's impossible for you to take a bad picture. Seriously!  Jan 3, 2011 ~ 1:38pm
Annie  I loved every second of it. Your non-client work is always phenomenal.  Jan 3, 2011 ~ 1:49am
Karen  I could just play this over and over all day and never tire of your phenomenal work and incredible talent. Jaw-dropping AMAZING as always, Matt!  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 11:42pm
jasonschafer  wonderful recap of the year. love the video  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 8:02pm
TANYA  LOVE!  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 5:25pm
Claude  Matt, congratulations on a great year in photography.  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 2:51pm
Chad Pennington  Dang that as Dope  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 2:39pm
Julie  Loved it. The song was perfect!!  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 12:38pm
bev hawley  Great collection of images...even saw Portland for a split second. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year.  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 10:22am
Christine  Spectacular...your photography is so inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year!  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 9:47am
shelley rankin  I just love this! Some images I haven't seen before, surprising as I stock your blog! :) What a year and you are a true talented artist. I can't wait to see what you come up with 2011!  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 9:28am
Esther  I wouldn't mind if the slideshow had last 5 minutes, really. So many pictures to be seen mor thoroughly!! Great job, Matt, you're amazing!!  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 7:49am
sarahs  Love this, Matt! I've been working on compiling my own 2010 faves; I may have to borrow this idea - such a fun way to share a bunch of images. Happy 2011!  Jan 2, 2011 ~ 12:58am