haley b  LOVE THESE!!!  Apr 22, 2011 ~ 4:25pm
Snekcip  long eyelashes, baby feet and baby's little bum! It doesnt get any better!!  Apr 18, 2011 ~ 3:30pm
Hannah  Can I vote for all of them as my favorite?  Apr 17, 2011 ~ 10:58pm
Jeff Cason  Absolute perfection Matt. Baby and photos. Well done.  Apr 17, 2011 ~ 3:43pm
Candy  Beautiful, Matt. =) Keep 'em coming. And how is Kylie doing with the breastfeeding? Getting easier?  Apr 17, 2011 ~ 11:05am
Monica  Such moving images--you can really feel your love in them. Wish I had these when Gabriel was born; it's fun re-living those days in these photographs.  Apr 17, 2011 ~ 8:52am
Dawn Ahearn  These are wonderful ~ hard to choose a favorite! I have to say Saige has the most perfect fingernails I have ever seen :o) Please keep the photos coming. Technical question for you; how do you choose which image to make/shoot b&w? Is it a matter of personal preference, or are there artistic qualities that you look for?  Apr 17, 2011 ~ 8:46am
gina  just precious. my little one will be her in 1.5 weeks and just can't wait! Cheers to you and your family!  Apr 16, 2011 ~ 10:20pm