Amy Hathcock  Your list was funny and so true. #8 is the one that really hits home for me right now.  Jun 23, 2011 ~ 11:10pm
Teri Klinger  congratulations!!! you are in for the ride of your hold on! :) [p.s. it's a beautiful ride!]  May 19, 2011 ~ 9:26pm
Snekcip  Love everything about this post! From Saige in the crate on down to her in daddy's arm! Beautiful words for a beautiful post!  May 5, 2011 ~ 12:15pm
Kara May  So true - welcome to parenthood. You and Kylie are so blessed. xoxo  May 5, 2011 ~ 12:19am
bev hawley  As always, love your writing. Glad to see dad in some pictures.  May 2, 2011 ~ 10:13am
Luis Murillo  Interesting things you've learnt there. I'll try to keep a lot of those in mind when my baby is born this month :D. I've seen the case where babies fall asleep while taking a ride in a might want to give that a try sometime. I know it works with my older sister and also works with her two kids...then again might be a family thing...  May 1, 2011 ~ 3:21pm
Laurie  I was listening to "How Sweet it is to be Loved by You" when I scrolled down to the "pouting" image, and the image/music meshed so beautifully! Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent and images of that beautiful little girl!  May 1, 2011 ~ 1:33pm
Melissa Brown  Loved the post! It does get easier ... promise! :)  May 1, 2011 ~ 11:27am
Annie Tucker  LOVED this post! Nothing can prepare you for how tough it is to be a first-time parent. Your observations totally hit home - especially the part about the Cosby's. I started watching the show again during my pregnancy, and it totally kept me uplifted during those first few months. Saige is beautiful! Congratulations!!  May 1, 2011 ~ 11:04am
Robin McQuay Anderson  I'm enjoying your journey into parenthood and espicially the opening photo of little Saige in the wooden crate/box. She's precious and sure bringing back my own parenting memories. Thank you.  May 1, 2011 ~ 8:19am
Alicia Gines  Beautifully said. Only a true parent can speak words like that. I'm a mother two a 3 year old boy and a 15 month old girl and I can tell you this; being a photographer AND a parent you will find that your work will be MUCH easier now. And at the same time, after a long session you will come home and find your wife and little one to be MORE rewarding then it was before she had arrived. Children change EVERYTHING for the better. :o) much love and I love you work. I will be following it from here on out. Thanks.  May 1, 2011 ~ 3:14am