Brandy  awesome shots! love the fill the frame shot with the windows  Aug 17, 2011 ~ 10:36pm
stephanie  beautiful matt! you have SUCH an eye for architecture photography. really amazing!!  Aug 12, 2011 ~ 8:14pm
Kylene Cleaver  Fo REALZ!!!! The next time you come to Philly we'll hit "Old City". It beats the pants off of the main downtown area :-)  Jul 18, 2011 ~ 11:21am
David Akesson  One could comment that the last pic was a load of garbage,.... but in hindsight those bins have been lined up so very orderly!!! :-) must say though, that old phone is just brilliant. Haven't seen one like that before. However I reckon the pic of these pics is the one after the phone with the building reflected in the window. Great shooting!  Jul 9, 2011 ~ 3:48am
Matt  MATT Thanks, all, for the kind words. @Christin - Actually, I didn't use any textures on these images. The first image was taken from just behind a manhole cover that had steam coming out of it, giving the image that hazy, ethereal feel.  Jul 6, 2011 ~ 1:14pm
Christin  Great images, Matt! Did you use textures from your current set?...or should we be expecting another great set to be released soon?  Jul 6, 2011 ~ 11:32am
Teresa  Love! I'm going to Philadelphia in Novemeber. Now I know what I have to look forward too. :)  Jul 6, 2011 ~ 11:31am
shelley rankin  Sure... just take a walk and you are able to get this! Oh man. Not fair. You are one talented photographers. I enjoyed all of these. Your work is amazing.  Jul 6, 2011 ~ 10:54am
Radmila Kerl  Amazing pictures Matt, love all of them!  Jul 6, 2011 ~ 9:16am
wendy  Only you could make dumpsters look great!  Jul 5, 2011 ~ 9:53pm
Laurie  Wonderful captures of different moods of the city! Will you ever speak at the Dallas PPA? Or offer classes, or a photo walk?! (in your spare time)  Jul 5, 2011 ~ 5:13pm
Molly Woodall  As always, beautiful shots! But, as a 70's kinda girl...I LOVE the LOVE statue! Just automatically takes me back to another time.  Jul 5, 2011 ~ 2:03pm