Courtney Jordan  So sweet baby!  Nov 13, 2011 ~ 6:54pm
Matt  Hi, Kathy! Teh image of Kylie & Saige at the airport was taken with the Nikon 85/1.4 lens at an aperture of f/2 from about 10ft away. The 85 has become my favorite, go-to lens over the years. Hope that helps!  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 10:25am
Kathy Norwood  Matt, I really love the image of Kylie and Saige in the airport. I am always blown away by your images so I will have to ask this question-did you shoot this with a long lens and I hate to be crass enough to ask but OMG how do you get this to look so cool. Congratulations on making it through the first 4 months or are doing good, daddy.  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 10:13am
bev hawley  Someday you will be longing for that pensive expression. Cheesy smiles will become the norm when you pull out your camera. Enjoy this time... you get to see those incredible eyes without a squint.  Aug 10, 2011 ~ 12:08pm
Jared Rey - Dallas Wedding Photographer  You crack me up. These baby photos turned out great, she has such beautiful eyes.  Aug 5, 2011 ~ 4:02pm
Becky  She does resemble her Daddy! Great pics!  Aug 5, 2011 ~ 3:58pm
Christine DeSavino   You are one funny man, Matt! And one amazing photographer!  Aug 1, 2011 ~ 10:46am
Macey Ross  Kylie, love your haircut. It is adorable on you!  Aug 1, 2011 ~ 10:27am
Monica  I love looking at your baby photos and watching Saige grow up before our eyes. Kylie is radiant.  Aug 1, 2011 ~ 9:15am
nancy  Loved ALL the photos! Try ripping a sheet of paper ! My grand daughters would give belly laughs over that!! Can't remember what age, but it was really funny to see them crack up - Go figure!!!  Aug 1, 2011 ~ 9:01am
Chad Pennington  Matt you are one the best photographers the world doesn't know yet. I would love to see Saige at a poker table with her poker face - lol  Aug 1, 2011 ~ 8:54am