snekcip  I can't view it here at work! I can't wait to get home to see this!  Apr 26, 2012 ~ 4:44pm
Virginia G  What a beautiful slideshow.  Apr 22, 2012 ~ 8:02pm
Melinda  so beautiful! wow I so thoroughly enjoyed watching this! they are so precious at this age!!!  Apr 16, 2012 ~ 3:47pm
Vicki Parker  Just beautiful, Matt & Kylie!  Apr 14, 2012 ~ 7:00pm
lindey  how fabulous!  Apr 13, 2012 ~ 1:54pm
Erick Clayotr  Matt... Thank you for sharing Saige's moments with us! I must say, watching this brought tears to my eyes... I have two children and I remember vividly their first year... they grow SO FAST... cherish each and every moment! Children are such a blessing from God!  Apr 12, 2012 ~ 5:25am
bev hawley  Happy birthday Saige! Loved seeing her first year. What a treasure.  Apr 9, 2012 ~ 9:10pm
Robin McQuay Anderson  A pleasure to watch - lovely memories you're preserving!  Apr 9, 2012 ~ 5:27pm
Sharon C  Absolutely beautiful!  Apr 9, 2012 ~ 1:47pm
Christine DeSavino Photography  So fabulous, Matt! I love that you're in some of the often the photographer is left out! Beautiful stuff and congratulations!  Apr 9, 2012 ~ 11:10am
leanne  Happy Birthday, Saige:) Such fantastic images. May this year be just as wonderful.  Apr 9, 2012 ~ 10:58am
Rachel Logan  so you've made me all weepy! time goes by so fast, doesn't it? the boys turn 10 this year. shocking! that's a lovely collection of memories to commemorate her first year...hoping year 2 is just as sweet!  Apr 9, 2012 ~ 10:46am
Toni Albers  Beautiful, Matt! I miss your posts.  Apr 9, 2012 ~ 9:05am
Bridgette Puckett  She is absolutely gorgeous!! Beautiful family. =)  Apr 8, 2012 ~ 11:34pm
elena Hernandez  fantastic! When you have child number two i can not wait to see what new magical images you take of that baby! Saige is clearly an adorable baby girl with so much personality! love all of the images!  Apr 8, 2012 ~ 11:31pm