Rachel Owens  Fabulous as always! Really appreciated you sharing your heart in this one. The photo of that girl pretending to take a photo is precious. Makes me want to go on a trip somewhere!  Jul 31, 2012 ~ 7:42pm
Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf  This is one of the most heart warming things ever seen. We are absolutely grateful for what you have done for us. It can be a challenge to get support to come on these trips but because we all serve such a loving Father and Provider, He makes a way all the time. Thanks, thanks, thanks from the staff and students of JCSD, we will never forget. Continue to keep us in your prayers as we will all of you. Blessings.  Jul 24, 2012 ~ 10:04am
Schrode  Proud of you bro. I went on a missions trip to Jamaica back in the late 90's that changed my heart forever. It certainly is better to give than to receive. May God continue to use your amazing gifts and talents for His glory!  Jul 16, 2012 ~ 10:08am
Gina Christenson  Breathtaking! Spiritually and visually. Thank you and your friends for making the world a little better. God Bless.  Jul 16, 2012 ~ 12:40am
Ronald  Wonderful pictures and story!  Jul 15, 2012 ~ 9:02am
lindey  such moving images and story. Matt. God's timing is always perfect-what a blessing to be able to use your talents to further His kingdom!  Jul 12, 2012 ~ 2:36am
Charlene Chavez  Matt, WOW! Beautiful and Powerful images. You have always been an inspiration to me and I'm so glad you were able to go on this trip. Thank you for sharing. :)  Jul 11, 2012 ~ 1:56pm
Monica  Wanted to wait until I had lots of time to view this. Artistt Cai Guo Quiang said something like "it's not what I do, but what you bring to the work that pulls out what's already inside of you. You captured your time there beautifully and I know it will inspire more to help. I'm considering a trip to S. Africa with my church in September and this may have secured my airfare. God bless and thank you for taking and sharing these.  Jul 9, 2012 ~ 8:35am
Jess Curren  So beautiful! I can only pray that someday my talent will be used for something as equally inspiring. Thanks for sharing!  Jul 2, 2012 ~ 3:45pm
Snekcip  Matt, this has got to be your best and most powerful post ever! Thank you for inspiring me to give more of myself.  Jul 2, 2012 ~ 3:12pm
Cheryl Coleman  Wonderful pics, Matt! As always!...and what a story they tell! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and answering God's call on your heart to step out of your comfort zone and make a difference!  Jul 2, 2012 ~ 1:45pm
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Jane E Butler  Had to vote as the fav pic only because I took it! :)  Jul 1, 2012 ~ 11:28pm
Garry  Matt Great photo trip for us to go along with you on your trip. I am so glad you got to go and you will be blessed for going and you can bless other because you went with the right heart. Love Garry  Jul 1, 2012 ~ 11:27pm
BT  Awesome slide show man! Powerful pictures  Jul 1, 2012 ~ 11:06pm