Andrew Fishburn  Welcome to parenthood, Mat. It's full-on for the first 18 years (I haven't got further than that yet!). I have missed your blogging and superb photos to go with it, but you are right to focus on Paige and cherish every moment. Every moment. It passes soooo quickly! Just keep shooting and share your work for us mere mortals! Very best wishes, Andrew, England.  Mar 9, 2013 ~ 4:33pm
Laurie  Just beautiful! I don't even know your family, and yet I teared up with emotion. Thank you for sharing your amazing photography!  Feb 12, 2013 ~ 5:37pm
Stacey R  Beautifully done! What a special year! You brought tears to my eyes!  Feb 11, 2013 ~ 3:42pm
nancy  Really enjoyed seeing the video of Saige. How special! She is beautiful! Love her dark eyes. Can't wait for year Two video.  Feb 11, 2013 ~ 1:33pm