Alex Saunders  These images are amazing, definitely among the best that I have seen on the web  Dec 7, 2014 ~ 2:22pm
Claude  Well done Matt!  Jun 16, 2013 ~ 10:19am
Snekcip  Matt!! Your BACK!!!! YAY!!!! Don't ever do that again!!!LOL!!! just kidding!! LIFE HAPPENS!!!So miss seeing your beautiful photography!! CONGRATS to the beautiful couple!!! Stunning photos as always Matt!! Your work is amazing!!!  Jun 13, 2013 ~ 2:20pm
Becky G  Great job, Matt. Jonathan - We miss you at work already. Congratulations on your engagement and I wish you all the best in your new job. They are lucky to have you!  May 29, 2013 ~ 11:39am
Karen  Beautiful images as always, Matt!  May 29, 2013 ~ 11:16am
audry  As always awesome  May 29, 2013 ~ 10:04am
Dawn  Great job, as always. I have missed seeing your work. Please don't wait so long between posts again!!  May 29, 2013 ~ 8:43am
Kiran  Love your talent man. Keep at it! :-)  May 28, 2013 ~ 10:47pm