jenny  looking through the pics again and, pertaining to your last blog about laughing out loud, I have to admit that I do chuckle over the 3 shot series of the groom 'wiping his brow'. too funny!!  Jul 25, 2008 ~ 3:59pm
JAKE  Matt...hope you there to capture the Dallas event...these are great shots.  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 9:55pm
kendra  These are just wonderful, Matt. I love the little girl looking at the book of hairstyles, the cellist, the car ride. So many beautiful photos here!  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 9:09pm
John  Awesome pictures Matt; great work and completely captured the mood of the wedding. I felt like I was there myself! :)  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 9:07pm
kimbrali  how did this lucky couple get you to photograph their wedding!?!?! watch out everyone! matts taking over the wedding photography industy:) youre awesome my friend.  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 5:14pm
Tina  Awesome!  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 5:05pm
TRACE  All hail Matt and his genius behind the lens (and after the shot)!! I know it's easy to take pictures of my beautiful new wife Kristie, but you even made ME look good! You've must have been up all night photo-chopping!! Thanks again Matt, you're one gifted dude and we were so lucky to have you capture our big day!!  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 4:21pm
Karen  Excellent work! I loved seeing each and every image, as usual! I'm with Melissa Jill, be prepred for the multitudes of brides headed your way! ;)  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 12:37pm
Dianna  Beautiful! You really do such a great job with weddings. -Dianna  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 12:18pm
Monica  Extraordinary work, Matt. Gosh, I wish my arms looked like that in my wedding dress. They're going to have a hard time choosing. That last photo is hilarious.  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 10:44am
Debbie  I, too, loved the one by the post with the texture! And, her bridal shot in the field (color)...gorgeous.  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 9:37am
Debbie  Beautiful! I also was admiring your off-camera flash at the reception/first dance. Would you mind sharing your set-up? I am just in the market and researching portable, on-location flash. Thanks!  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 9:34am
michele  omg, matt, she will forever cherish the image of her father playing the accordian at her wedding! as always, amazing eye - stunning captures. looks like weddings might be your thing after all ;)  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 9:30am
Luis Murillo  Love the photos you got for this wedding. I agree with Melissa with the taking the photos during the whole craziness part. I was reading the post on Google Reader and it didn't fully load so I didn't see the last line you wrote but I was looking at the last photo and thinking "oh, so you took the whole wedding with that camera"...hehe ;)  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 8:49am
jenny  My favorite shot is #30 where they are leaning on the porch post. I stared at it awhile admiring the texture you added to it when all of a sudden, bam, the pattern popped out too. (kinda like when you'd stare at those posters at the mall for 1.5 minutes with your eyes crossed to see the hidden image)'re a sheer genius matt!!! I'm with might as well go ahead and put in your 2 weeks at your 'day job' now b/c you "ain't gonna" have time for it soon. (I know that's not very proper English but 'you won't' just didn't quite have the punch I was looking for).  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 6:29am
Melissa Jill :)  Great job Matt! I love the shot of the lady giving them a ride. Way to keep shooting during the craziness of that! Such a great memory and those images will be cherished. The one of the dad with the accordion is such a classic portrait. That is priceless. And way to go with the off-camera flash at the reception!! I think after this post you may be forced by throngs of clients to shoot weddings whether you like it or not! :)  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 3:16am