Cindy Harter  You are such an amazing storyteller. I am such a hige fan of your work ! Thank you for sharing it :) Cindy Harter  Aug 24, 2008 ~ 5:09pm
Sarah Castor  Those photos are absolutely fabulous! I aspire to be as good as you or close to your talent!  Jul 30, 2008 ~ 1:59pm
rosie  once again, stunning matt. just stunning. :)  Jul 29, 2008 ~ 10:23pm
tanya warpula  Wow Matt you've amazed me again! Why aren't you doing weddings?!! These are fantastic.  Jul 29, 2008 ~ 2:09pm
cecily  my most favorite wedding photos yet. you are amazing. you really captured them.  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 5:11pm
Kevin  Very Nice Matt!!! As others have stated....where were you 12 years ago when I got married. Guess I'll go look at my coloring book of wedding pics and think of what could have been.  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 3:49pm
Nick Bracken  Thanks Matt :) Seriously Awesome stuff mate.  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 7:42am
Gina  Wow Matt! A million questions, but will start with only a few.... where were you 14 years ago when I got married and needed a photographer? When are you going to offer a Seminar..hint..hint..? What lens (es) did you use for this special day? Does the music you use in your SS come from showit? Simply beautiful and I thank you for sharing.  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 11:34pm
shane spann  unbelieveable pictures! wish we could have been there-- love to the both of you cool people!!!!!  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 8:40pm
kendra  I 'm with Lana. I've never had someone's wedding photos bring tears to my eyes!  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 5:23pm
Tina  AMAZING images, Matt!  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 2:44pm
Trace  Once again sir, you are my hero!!  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 1:48pm
Lana  I am not sure that I have ever cried at someone's wedding pictures... They were absolutely moving.  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 12:42pm
Debbie  Amazing. You covered it so completely. Both in capturing every special moment and in your technique. This couple will be so pleased. Very special moments during the ceremony; her beautiful eyes with those beauty marks; the reflection of the rings; textures! I love your composition and perspective....from over mom's shoulder, behind the instruments...and my new favorite, the simplicity of her cross hanging from her bouquet. I, too, would be interested to know if that was ShowIt. Amazing work.  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 10:11am
Matt Nicolosi  Hey, Nick. Yep, I used ShowIt Web for the slideshow.  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 10:01am
Monic  Wow, Matt, is there anything you can't do? It's incredible that you shot these without an assistant. It felt like we were there! Stunning work.  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 8:57am
Nick Bracken  Matt, Was this made with showit?  Jul 27, 2008 ~ 6:15am