Jerrie G.  I love these pictures, Jennifer. My favorite is the one with the boys laying on the bridge. Have you ever thought about your boys as models? XXO Jerrie G.  Nov 25, 2008 ~ 8:34pm
april todd  these are so fun!!!  Oct 24, 2008 ~ 9:19am
kimbrali  it is women like THIS that give chubby mommas like me a bad name. she totally kills my excuse of "ive had 2 children". the whole family is beautiful and i love the realness of these.  Oct 22, 2008 ~ 10:46pm
Jenn  LOVE all the pics in this post! Looks like good boys to work with! Dying for your next Q&A Live post! I've got a post-it note of Q's going!!  Oct 22, 2008 ~ 1:10pm
Crystal DelaHoz  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. So natural and relaxed (well, not really relaxed :) ) These are the portraits that SHOULD be hanging over our fireplaces. Way to rock it!  Oct 22, 2008 ~ 1:09pm
tessa  Love the pictures--they are so different. , truly special! I can't wait to get one. Love, Mom  Oct 22, 2008 ~ 12:46pm
Mollie Kendall  Stunning family shots Matt! You're amazing.  Oct 22, 2008 ~ 10:37am
Tina  Great job, Matt.  Oct 22, 2008 ~ 9:20am
Jason Drumm  Most Excellent! I love the shot of the three kids laying down and the one kid pointing at the crazy guy behind the camera!  Oct 22, 2008 ~ 9:17am
Charlene Chavez  Another awesome job Matt. I love your creativity!  Oct 21, 2008 ~ 11:39pm
dennis  Good stuff may need to take a couple days off now.  Oct 21, 2008 ~ 3:37pm