april  Matt, just catching up on your blog and got a good laugh over your umm.. new friend? lol Seriously, I'm sorry to say that you will have repeated visits yearly by the cardinal. We have our own here as well. Drives my teen daughter insane at the crack of dawn on her bay window. I find it hilarious now and have gotten used to it. He is not trying to get in, he is being the dominant bird that he is: territorial. He thinks he's seeing another cardinal in the window. You got some good advice about discouraging him though. I've gotten some pretty funny pictures of ours. Happy birdwatching, lol  Nov 9, 2008 ~ 10:42am
adrienne  Matt, Can't you just be nice and let the window open for just one morning? Think of how happy he'll be.  Oct 30, 2008 ~ 7:15pm
Melissa Andries  I can't stop laughing!  Oct 29, 2008 ~ 6:45pm
Annie  In my experience, the bird is seeing the reflection of the trees in the window. So Chuck is just trying to fly into those glorious, richly colored trees that happen just to be a reflection. My parents had to put some curtains up and that helped cut down on the reflection and the crazy cardinal quit bumping the window. This situation also happened at work and when they re-did the landscaping and scut down the tree in front of the window that cardinal has never been back.  Oct 29, 2008 ~ 9:38am
Heather  Hey Matt, here is an easy solution if you want to have poor Chuck stay away. Blow up a balloon and thumbnail it to the outside right near the window, it and it's movement with the slightest breeze will more than simulate your flailing arm dance. Works with the Dumb birds here in Canada!  Oct 28, 2008 ~ 2:09pm
Macey Ross  Chuck wants food and was more than likely fed by the previous owners. Get that pretty boy some food Matt. He is spoiled rotten and he makes for a pretty picture!  Oct 28, 2008 ~ 10:22am
peter taylor  hey matt - the owl photo idea should work, but if it doesn't print out a photo of YOU, a quick 8x10 taped to the window should be enough. pt  Oct 28, 2008 ~ 8:43am
Danielle Thompson  Are you sure hes a cardinal...any chance he could be someones pet that escaped and flew away? I know that sounds crazy but it happened to me...really. But it was a parakeet, so not really the same situation. I dont know what to tell you. This is really weird.  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 8:44pm
Angela Nicolosi  Matt, have you thought about hanging a bird feeder? Cardinals are beautiful to look at (when not tapping on the glass) and love black oil sunflower seeds. Maybe if you fed it it would have to keep asking, you know? Angela  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 10:11am
shelley rankin  OK psycho bird. Perhaps he is attracted to you? Bwahaha. Kidding. that's weird. I say hang out a fake owl.  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 9:40am
Lana  I have no suggestions. I am just laughing at you, not with you. Ha!  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 9:33am
Monica  You can get one of those fake plastic owls at Home Depot or Lowes. They're meant to keep pigeons away, I'm not sure about cardinals. That is definitely NOT normal. Neither is getting up after 2 hours of being annoyed ;)  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 9:19am
courtney  Sorry....I have no advice for you on how to get Chuck to fly the coup. But I just have to say how amazed I am by this story. A cardinal bird seems like the least likely bird to behave this way! LOL Not that I know birds or anything, but its just so funny. I'm sorry its started to bug the crap out of you though and hopefully you can find a way to solve your problem soon :)  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 8:48am
Jason Drumm  Matt, two things. First - isn't it funny that for two hours it didn't bother you, but now it drives you nuts? Second, several suggestions for getting rid of chuck. #1 - Birds don't trust things that move randomly. How do you feel about pinwheels outside your window? #2 - Owls eat cardinals. You can print out a picture of an owl and tape it to the glass. a week or so should do, and he'll never come back. Here's a great owl pic: http://www.owlpages.com/image.php?image=species-Strix-seloputo-1 and #3 - a cheap rubber snake on the window ledge works every time. Lastly, some people say you should hang garlic outside the window. Apparently, birds hate the smell of garlic. I can't really vouch for the validity of this vampire movie claim. Hope that helps.  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 6:31am