Matt Nicolosi  @Gina - The last image is super simple to create. Just wait till the sun tucks below the horizon (it helps if you've got clouds to add a little drama, but not necessary), get everyone to do something where you get distinct outline/profiles of each person (I just told them to look at and talk to each other and not to look at me), then expose for the sky and let everything else fall to black. Sometimes it helps to wait several minutes after the sun goes down to get less ambient light in the image. HTH!  Nov 5, 2008 ~ 2:58pm
Eliza B.  Holy Moly! I love love love that last one!!!  Nov 4, 2008 ~ 12:37pm
Molly W.  Ooooo, lovely!  Oct 31, 2008 ~ 4:06pm
Gina Christenson  Love the last one Matt... how did you set up for this?  Oct 31, 2008 ~ 8:31am
Karma Kerns Fuerst  Love the images of the children both above and below! You captured them perfectly. I was also wondering, have you worked on any more templates for the gallery wraps or cards. I purchased your first set last winter and have had such good luck with them!! Keep up the good work.  Oct 30, 2008 ~ 11:32pm
Garry  Great pictures Matt!! She is a cute one  Oct 30, 2008 ~ 8:49pm