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Saige - Year One Video Memoir
WHO: Saige   |   WHAT: Kids, Newborns, Personal   |   WHEN: February 11, 2013
There you are, blog.  I lost you for a while... like 3 months.  I've thought about you occasionally, but, well, life gets in the way sometimes these days. All the time, actually.  It took me several tries to even log in to do this post; I couldn't remember what my login username and password was... that's how long it's been.  

Sadly, blog, you've dropped in prority somewhere between cleaning out the gutters and trimming the dogs nails... both of which I can't remember the last time I've done, if at all.

I need to be better about blogging if for no other reason than to have things documented for myself and my family for when I one day get old and can't remember anymore.  I'd like to make sure I have more control over my life record than trusting in a publicly-traded company like Facebook - who could one day close up shop and take all my posted memories with them - to be around forever.

And with that in mind, I finally got around to taking some of the video I had from Saige's first year and stringing it together for a sentimental (if not sappy) memoir.  And here it is.

Now, with her 2nd birthday, right around the corner, it's time to start working on year 2.  This documenting of stuff never seems to end.


Then and Now
WHAT: Kids, Newborns   |   WHEN: August 6, 2012
It's bittersweet to see these two images.  I've barely blinked, and already 16 months has passed.  Obviously I know she's grown since we first brought her home from the hosiptal, but it's hard to fathom how much until I see this.


Saige - Year One (in 4 minutes)
WHAT: Babies, Newborns, Personal   |   WHEN: April 8, 2012
Today is a big day for us. Not only is it Easter and my dad's birthday, but it's also our little girl's first birthday. I love her beyond the words I could put here on a page, and it's very difficult to imagine a life without her now.  Not a lot of words today... just a lot of images.  Here's a quick trip through Saige's first year in 4 minutes.


Baby Molly
WHAT: Babies, Newborns   |   WHEN: October 7, 2011
A few weeks ago (I know, I'm delinquent in posting), I had the pleasure of meeting baby Molly.  Long time friends Eric & Liz, God bless there weary souls, drove up from Houston on a Sunday morning (5 hours), spent a couple hours with Kylie and I for Molly's first photo session, and then drove back to Houston. All in the same day.  With a newborn.  On minimal sleep.  My vote for Parents of the Year has officially been cast.

Little Molly had a heart issue when she was born, so she had to spend her first couple weeks in the hospital, but she's doing much better now.  She's such a sweet soul, and it was amazing - and a little sad - to see how much Saige has grown since she was that age. She was a GIANT compared to Molly.

Here are few of my favorites of this precious little girl as well as a few from 2005 at the end before Eric & Liz were married. Fun stuff!

I had intended to shoot her within the frame, but she didn't quite fit, so we improvised and did something a little different. I think it turned out nicely.

Eric & Liz were one of the first couples I ever photographed 6 years ago. I really had next to no idea what I was doing from a technical perspective back then, but fortunately Liz & Eric were so easy-going and patient (and likely unaware I was crossing every finger I had that something ould turn out). I couldn't have asked for better guinea pigs first clients.  Here's one of the images from that session back in 2005.

Liz was also the very first bride I ever photographed. It's funny to look back at images from years past.  I think I've been at least 4 different photographers over those 6 years, and even though the image below is a little over-processed for my current taste, there's something about it I like. Liz was such a beautiful bride.

Still one of my favorite images from her bridal session in '05.  She has such killer eyes.

Saige is (unwillingly) in my photographer assistant internship program.  Her aptitude and progress are a little, ahem, lacking so far, but give her another year and I have high hopes she'll be an awesome 30" reflector-holder.


Serious Saige
WHAT: Newborns, Personal   |   WHEN: July 31, 2011
Saige is almost 4 moths old now, and I was starting to get a little nervous.  I was starting to worry she was born without the chromosome responsible for a sense of humor.  I mean, in my own mind, clearly I'm funny. Just ask me. I'll tell you.  Don't ask Kylie, though... her answer doesn't count because she's built up immunity to my antics after two and a half years of marriage.  Anyway, Saige shoulda been laughing (or at least crackin' a little toothless baby grin) at some of my jokes, made-up on-the-fly rhyming songs, Neanderthal expressions and unintelligible musings all intended to see something other than a stone-cold, I-could-crush-you-with-my-pinkie look from our little girl. But all were in vain. I was ready to call the doctor and see if there was some kinda surgery or procedure Saige could have... you know, like maybe a sense of humor transplant or something.

And then it happened.  Our neighbor Denise came over for dinner this past Thursday night, and after we finished eating Kylie and I were out back picking onions outta the garden when Denise casually strolls outside with Saige in tow talkin' about how she got Saige to laugh.  Shut. Up.  We told Denise to do it again because we'd never seen her laugh (and honestly I was a little skeptical), so she just did some little tickle move to Saige while kinda playfully twisting her at the same time, and sure enough... Saige laughed right on queue.  I was thrilled and so freakin' blown away to see my daughter laugh for the very first time. And more good news... I could cancel the sense of humor transplant.  Plus, a recipe for makin' Saige giggle had just been revealed to me. 

[insert sound of screaching needle on a record here]

Don't think I didn't try that little tickle move a hundred times the next day, and ya know what I got out of it?  That's right. Nuthin'.  No laughing.  No giggling.  Barely a hint of a smile for a nano second.  Obviously I don't have the magic touch.  So I'm left with waiting until Saige understands a bit of the English language to get my humor with words.  Cearly she'll be laughing up a storm then.

In the meantime, here's a few images from the last couple weeks of "serious Saige".

I guess this next one doesn't really count. It's hard to even try smiling too much when you're sleeping.  I just liked this sweet image of my girls.

Saige and mom at Bathtime Babies at a local swim school.

She likes lookin' at herself in her play mat mirror almost as much as I like lookin' at her.

Right before her first airplane ride.

Back at the pool.

Here's Saige waitin' on a fist bump from her new friend Alex.

We tried a Bumbo seat with her...

... uhhh, not so much.

Chillin' it at the pool.  

Swaddle fail.

Layin on my mom's lap.

Oops... how'd this get in here?  

Tomorrow I'll be doing a "behind the image" post showing the original SOOC (straight out of camera) of this last image below talking about what I did in post processing to get to the final image.


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