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Project 365 - Day 19
WHAT: Personal, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: January 19, 2009
Today's episode of Project 365 is brought to you by Kylie. Instead of paying a ridiculous amount for a unity candle simply because it has the word "unity" in front of it (which the wedding industry seems to think warrants a 200% mark-up from a norma retail price), she decided to make her own. Props, babe.


Project 365 - Day 18
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Travel   |   WHEN: January 18, 2009
Day 18 finds another landscape image on the blog. I must admit, I cheated this time; this image isn't actually from today, but so far the most exciting thing to happen on this day is putting a frozen pizza in the oven. That, and the fact that there's just something about this image from yesterday that I really like made me want to post it. So, I convened with the Project 365 director, and got his approval. I think I caught him during a weak moment while he was waiting for the pizza to come out of the oven, so he was feeling generous.

On a side note, is the frequency too much? For those that subscribe to the blog, I have a question: Is one post a day related to Project 365 too much? I know I have a couple of sites I subscribe to that post almost daily and as much as I love them, there are days I admit that I get annoyed with daily email notifications to go check out the site. I'm not annoyed at the poster per say, but more the fact that I feel it's one more thing I feel obligated to go do since I like the content, but I know I have 100 other things that I should be doing at the same time. Anyway, just a thought. I've considered going to a once a week post with 7 images from the previous week to minimize the annoyance. Leave a comment if you have a preference.


Hey, where'd all the people go?
WHAT: Portraits   |   WHEN: January 18, 2009
A couple people have noticed that there haven't been many photographs from client sessions lately. 'What gives?' you might be wondering. The 411 is that I've taken a break from regular client sessions since just before Christmas and will start photographing people (other than Kylie) again in March after we're back from the honeymoon in Italy and have had some time to finish up some house projects and also just to settle in and breath for a bit. Then it'll be back to regularly scheduled programming.

But since every post is better with a picture, I'll leave you with one more from the Bisanz family from a couple weeks ago. Ciao!


Project 365 - Day 17
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Travel   |   WHEN: January 17, 2009
Had a football game down near White Rock Lake today, and decided to make a quick stop in this field before heading home. It was middle of the afternoon with harsh overhead sun, so I waited for a few minutes 'til the sun went behind the clouds and then fired off a couple images. When I downloaded the images at home, it was a little blah and didn't have the feel of the image I envisioned in my head, so I did a little Photochop work to play with it for a few minutes 'til I got something a little more dramatic. I love scenes like this. I could see this as a panoramic canvas print somewhere on a wall. Fun stuff.


Project 365 - Day 16
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: January 16, 2009
Best frend. Personal organizer. Comedyan. Voice of reason. Lover. Modle. Photorgaphy assistant. Partner. In-car navigater. Etc., etc. etc. Umm, lemme see... oh, and her most resent title... blog editer. Kylie pretty much does it all. Lately, shes volunarily taken over proof-reading responsabilites for the blog. So if you see any typos, it's not my falt.

And who says you need fansy lighting for grate portraits? All you need is a littel computer moniter light, and voila. Of course, for softer lite, a 30" Apple Cineam display makes a nice large softbox subtitute in a pinch. [grin]


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