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Clients in the News
WHAT: Random   |   WHEN: June 30, 2009
Hey, here's something fun... for me, at least.  I photographed a family session with John & Melanie Ofenloch and their precious daughter Morgan a few months back, and John asked the other day if he could use one of the images from their session for an Associated Press article he was interviewed for.  The article talks about historical sterotypes that still impact society's view/recognition of a father's role in his childrens' lives as an equal or primary care provider.  Interesting stuff.  I believe the article (and image) ran in several major market newspapers, and you can read the story as it appeared in the Miami Herald here.

Congrats on your celebrity status, John!


Just the F.A.Q.s ~ "Are you ever going to offer a workshop?"
WHAT: For Photographers, Just the F.A.Q.s, News   |   WHEN: June 29, 2009

Two questions I've been asked a lot lately... "How did a guy like you ever score such a hot wife?" and "Are you ever going to do a workshop?"

I'm still dumbfounded on the first one, so you'll have to ask Kylie.  I suspect, though, it had something to do with my rock solid organizational skills and/or my freakishly stellar Chewbacca noise impersonation skills.

I can, however, address the latter question.

First off, I truly am honored that people have been asking me about doing a workshop for some time now.  It's a humbling - and terrifying - thing to think that some people want to know how I do my photography work because honestly most days I still feel like I have a ton to learn myself and such a long way to grow in some areas. 

I've dodged this question for a while now (maybe I can try politics if this photography gig doesn't work out), but here's my take on workshops...  E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y is doing them, and while there are some crazy-talented phtographers out there with a heart to share and teach (and they have something to share and teach) putting on some fantastic workshops that are worth every penny, there are also just as many people out there who 1) seem to have other motives, 2) have barely been doing photography long enough to warrant doing a workshop, 3) are professional workshoppers who haven't shot anything current in years, or 4) just don't have the heart of a teacher.  I don't want to be someone who meets any of those latter criteria.

I told myself that I would never do a workshop until I was competent & confident enough in my craft and felt like I had enough meaningful things to share that would make a workshop worthwhile for people where they walked away having felt like it was totally worth it and had fun doing it.

So, with that in mind, I've been thinking about putting on a workshop, and I've got a rough idea of what I'd want to do and cover if I did, but no concrete plans or details yet.  If I did do one, though, I'm curious 1) how many people would be intrested, and 2) what things people would find most valuable for me to talk about and/or demonstrate.  If you're interested or have thoughts, just shoot me an email!


Day 183 ~ Miserable Mia
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: June 29, 2009

It's been a while since little Mia's made an apperance on the blog, and she'd chew my shoestrings off if she knew I was putting this unflattering photo up for her comeback image.  Not her best work, but our poor girl's had a rough week.  She's almost six months old, which means Bob Barker was about to be knockin' on the door any day now asking us to do our part to control the pet population.  Nobody wants to see Bob Barker at their door these days, so we went ahead and scheduled her to get a little snippy snippy action last week.  Fortunately I was outta town in Portland, so Kylie got to play the role of bad cop this time.  So far, Mia's been a bit more of a mama's girl, so I'm hoping to gain a few points on the favortism scale by not being the one who carted her to the snipper.

Poor girl decided to remove her own stitches the day after the surgery, so back to the vet she went the next day to get a staple in her belly and this stylin' fashion accessory snow cone to wear on her head for a week.  (BTW, Kylie was also the one that took her back in for round 2 at the vet, so I'm hopin' Mia's thinkin' daddy's awesome right about now.)  Not only does she look scraggly (groomer's the next stop after the staples come out), but she keeps getting her snow cone caught on the ground and catching it on every corner and door.  It's pitiful.  Seriously.


Day 182 ~ Wedding Refresh with the Panquernes
WHAT: Portraits, Project 365 (2009), Weddings   |   WHEN: June 29, 2009
Our good friends Ray and Hannah got married about 6 months ago in Baton Rouge, but because their big day was a little crazy with some huge freeway problems, their wedding day schedule got compressed and they didn't have much time to do many photos of just the two of them.  In addition, Hannah wanted to get at least a few bridal images done as well.  Kylie and I asked my friend Tina if she wanted to photograph Ray & Hannah to get a few more images to put in her budding photography portfolio while we came along to assist.

Tina and Hannah were finally able to work out a date and time, and it was perfect... 101 degrees and humid.  You couldn't ask for better weather for outdoor photography.  I felt bad for Hannah in her weding dress and Ray in his heat-seeking black suit... I was burning up in shorts and flip flops, so I can't believe they didn't spontaneously combust in the middle of the shoot.

With three of Hannah's sisters and mom in town, Kylie and I helping out, and Tina shooting, we had plenty of people to towel dry, fan, hydrate, and just generally pamper our models.  Everything turned out great and I'm sure Tina got some awesome images.  I didn't shoot much during the session (I mainly relagated myself to reflector holder, location/lighting scout, and a human light stand), but I did manage to squeeze in a few images along the way.


Day 180 - Happy Birthday, Maribel
WHAT: Fun, Portraits, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: June 26, 2009

On a lighter note, my friend and colleague, Maribel, is celebrating a milestone birthday Portland... away from her family.  To top it off, her birthday will now forever be marked as an anniversary of Michael Jackson's death (which, btw, she seriously almost shed a tear for earlier this afternoon).  Very unfortunate, but what are you gonna do, right?  Maribel just rollls with the punches, though.  What a trooper.  Several of us went out to dinner tonight and acted as her surrogate family for a mini celebration. 

Happy birthday, Maribel!


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