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Day 204 - Complimentary Child Care
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: July 30, 2009
Matt Nicoosi Photographic Art is proud to announce we now provide complimentary child care for all our clients during their viewing/ordering sessions.

Actually my friend Tina stopped by the house tonight to borrow a lens, and she brought her 4 year old little bright star, Trinity, with her.  Trinity and Mia were off doing their own thing when we heard Mia's cage rattling.  We walked into the gallery room to see that Trinity had dragged Mia's cage in there and then promptly inserted herself into said cage.  We threw Mia in there with her to grab these two images.  Not great exposures, but still fun images.

My favorite part about this image is 1) the look of terror on Mia's face and 2) the canvas behind the cage is actually an image of Trinity from 2 years ago with her arm wrapped around her dog Ally's head.  And actually, the canvas behind that is a humungo image of Trinity's head from when she was 1.  I didn't even notice those images in the background until I downloaded the photos.

I know the blog posting has been a little lean lately.  It's summer which is my "off season" with the triple digit temps, and on top of that I've been a little under the weather the last few days and haven't picked up the camera much.


Day 203 ~ Birdzilla
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: July 30, 2009

We were checking out our tomato plant the other day and I nearly had to change my shorts when this birdzilla tried to fly out.  Good thing our bird netting - which ironically seems to keep birds out but monsters like this in - was there to catch him or I'm certain he woulda made a bee line to my face and prolly woulda spawned hundreds of eggs in my ear or somethin'.  There's something very Silence-of-the-Lambs about this guy.

Actually I think this guy was a horn worm in his previous life.  We found a couple of those suckers inhaling the leaves on our tomato plant like a Dyson about two weeks ago and I sprayed this stuff that was supposed to kill them, but apparently he's got Osama's elusivity skills... or he's got mutant genes that are immune to the lethal spray I, um, sprayed. The ending to that sentence didn't sound right, but let's move on.

I mean, I doused that tomato plant... so much so, that I'm kinda surprised I didn't kill the whole ecosystem of bugs within 3 blocks.  Judging by the 4" wingspan he had, I'm convinced he's the largest lepidoptera I've ever seen... maybe the largest anyone has ever seen.  (BTW, in case you were wondering, lepidoptera is a real word and it's the name of the order in the animal kingdom that inlcudes moths and butterflies.  How's that for sophomore year biology recall?  And who said this blog wasn't educational?)

Check out Mia in the background doing, well, nothing.  I don't get it... she wakes at the sound of the sun rising, but she doesn't notice this virtual 747 flying around the tomato plant 3 feet from her?  Useless.  Good thing she's cute.


Day 199 ~ Go Ahead. Make My Day.
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: July 27, 2009
These images shouldn't really be part of Project 365 for this weekend, since it was taken a week or 2 ago, but I checked with the project manager, and he gave me approval to post 'em today anyway.  He's a good guy, that project manager.

Here is said project manager's wife gettin' all Dirty Harry with the impersonations while watering the flower bed. Somehow I - I mean the project manager - wasn't exactly shakin' in his flip flops, except that he was holding a pricey little photo recorder in his hand... with water coming right at it.

Mia's unimpressed by all the shenanigans and obviously not afraid of the Harry's gun either. 


Day 198 ~ Lions & Princesses & Dogs...
WHAT: Personal, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: July 23, 2009
... go ahead and say it.  You probably already did.  Oh my!

Kylie and I headed over to Jerry & Tina's new pad last weekend to hang out with some friends, catch a little sun by the pool (my chest hadn't seen a solar ray in over a year before that), and graze on snacks, dinner & desert... all. day. long.  I just got back in town yesterday and got to the images from our little R&R excursion.  Here's a few phaves (photographer favorites).  I know, I'm ahead of my time with these fancy made up words.  Reminds me of a line Kylie's brother told her a while back when eluding to his trendsettingness (see, there's another one): "I'm so fresh, I'm tomorrow today."

We practically had a kennel going with 3 dogs running around.  From left to right: Mia, Jerry & TIna's dog Ally, and the newest addition to the group, Kandis' dog Lucy.  Don't let Lucy's mug shot fool you... a couple weeks ago she could fit in one of my hands.  She's still a little less than half Mia's size.  In fact, her photo below might be bigger than she is.  On a side note, turns out Mia can swim.  Not sure she would ever choose to under her own will (we put her in the pool when we first got there), but she did jump in once unassisted... and then promptly wanted right back out.

Princess Ava was a little shy at first and was a hesitant to parade her outfit for the crowd.

Trinity, on the other hand, couldn't wait to run the cat walk for us.

Finally, our fairy and princess were both ready for the show.

A little self portrait action courtesy of Jerry's shades.

And finally, yours truly needed a nap after a late night with the boys the night before.  I know... I'm lame.  Who takes a nap at a pool party?  I do.  And I'd do it again, too.


Day 197 ~ Y Chromosomes Only
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: July 19, 2009
Friday night I got outta Dodge with a small group of guys for a short Y chromosome bonding getaway in Athens Texas.  One of the guys in the group has a friend that was gracious enough to let us use his lake house to do, well, manly getaway things.  7 of us bunked up (seriously, they had anough bunk beds for 15) for a night and just hung out.  The house was fantastic and came with anything we could've wanted, including a private dock, boat, Sea Doo, fishing polls, 20+ board games, foose ball, pinball, about a million spiders, volleyball, ... the list goes on and on.  Oh, and did I mention beautiful scenery?  Beautiful is not a word you hear a lot at a men's getaway, but I'm goin' there because, well, it was. 

This next one was a misfire, but I thought it turned out pretty cool... I meant to do that. 

Go ahead.  Sing it in your head.  Sittin' on the dock of the bay... Your welcome.

Farkling... I could try to expain it to you, but I - and you - haven't got that kinda time.  Just know that you need 3 of a kind, a 1 or a 5 to keep your turn going.  Oh, and a piece of advice... whatever you do, keep the dice on the table.  Bad things happen if you don't.  From left to right: Jeff (barely visible), Johnathan, Brandon, John, Jordan and Ray).

A game you will never see XX chromosomes playing at a lakehouse getaway... ever.

Ahhh.. remember the days you could play arcade games without needing a credit card?

Ray was pretty passionate about his "little red men".

Jordan on his way out to the dock to sleep for the night...

Yes... that's a light on his head.

... and here he is again a couple hours later.  I have to admit, I'm not this much of a man.  Given the choice of sleeping in doors with AC and a bed vs. outdoors with heat and bugs, I'm choosing the first option everytime.

Ray and Jeff takin' advantage of the incredible morning weather we had.


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