kelli  love these...beautiful dog =)  Dec 3, 2008 ~ 1:50pm
Schrode  Isn't it amazing how we can find comparisons to a loving God in SO many different place?!?!?!!! P.S. Lola is jealous and wants you to shoot her for Playdog next time you are in OH...  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 4:11pm
Matt Nicolosi  Dennis, I used multiple textures on these images, one from Totally Rad volume II (Dirty and Used Up texture), and one from Jesh de Rox (Inside and Out texture), and one from my personal collection. I just changed the blend modes and opacities of these to taste and then mask out certain areas to avoid texture in distracting areas (i.e. the eyes, face, etc.) Hope this helps!  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 3:31pm
Dennis  Hey the texture overlay. Where did you pick it up?  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 9:41am
kristen  oh man...she's so gorgeous...and makes my heart break! hurry home, mom and dad!  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 7:19am
Sarah Castor  Wow! These are fantastic photos! Definitely breath-taking! And you gave me a little kick in the heart about how our relationship with God should be. You have inspired me to do better and to have a greater desire for the Lord and I thank you very much for the "shove off the rock" that I needed. Keep speaking what is laid on your heart!  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 12:49am
Kara Hicks  Oh my, this tugs on my little heart strings! My hubby and I have a rescue Boxer named Red, and he is our little pride and joy! I LOVE these pictures of Ally...and your words...beautiful! I feel like I know Ally, and love her too. What a wonderful gift you give your friends to watch her and knowing that she is well taken care of and loved, but to document these wonderful pictures of her. Beautiful!  Nov 30, 2008 ~ 12:26pm
Tina  Oh, Matt. You made me cry looking at my dear, sweet Ally and thinking about how she might not be with us much longer. Just beautiful. Thanks for helping us to document her beautiful life. And thanks for babysitting our little girl. I know you hold a special place in your heart for her. :-)  Nov 30, 2008 ~ 12:15pm
kendra  Love to see that analogy here, Matt!!! So true.  Nov 30, 2008 ~ 12:11pm
Shelley Rankin  Oh these images inspire me to photograph my own dog, Sam. He is 10 years old and also getting up there. I love love your analogy with the relationship of dog and man to God and man. So thoughtful and so on the mark. I believe it is exactly the relationship he seeks with us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and these beautiful images!  Nov 30, 2008 ~ 10:43am
Dianna  Matt, those photos are so sweet! She looks like a precious dog.  Nov 29, 2008 ~ 10:42pm