kendra  The scene I always remember when I hear mention of the show is Pam waking up and finding Bobby in the shower, the whole previous season having been a bad dream. That was a groaner! LOVED the show otherwise.  Nov 30, 2008 ~ 12:09pm
Shelley Rankin  Yup. that would be me. Turned 40 yesterday and one of my favorite shows growing up in the 80's was Dallas! I even had the shirt "who shot JR?". Oh man... now I actually do feel old! :)  Nov 30, 2008 ~ 10:44am
Patrick  I saw the image and the theme song started playing in my head. It's funny how those things and ingrained in your head.  Nov 30, 2008 ~ 9:34am
Dennis  Wow! Southfork Ranch...was JR there?  Nov 30, 2008 ~ 9:22am