angela  How funny, Awesome! Matt you rock!  Dec 9, 2008 ~ 11:46am
April Todd   OMG- these are too funny!! This looks like the best shower ever!!  Dec 3, 2008 ~ 2:35pm
Leanne  That had to be one of the best shower/parties I've ever been to. Thanks for all the great pics and the shout out on the cake!  Dec 3, 2008 ~ 1:44pm
kimbrali  those were hilarious! you riding the horse/pig/whatever it was is def. the best.  Dec 3, 2008 ~ 11:33am
sharon  You are such a goofball! What an awesome party that must have been!  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 11:09pm
Schrode those bottles of wine must have gone pretty quick, eh?.... you might want to put a PG-13 on this slide show though :) Too funny man! Can't wait for the BIG DAY!  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 4:09pm
Suzanne  Fabulous! Lovin' all the love in the room :)  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 12:14pm
jenny  I can only imagine the laughter going on during the evening...too funny. I have the EXACT same thing going on with my D300...I have a black spot on the right bottom corner of my pics whether the camera is vertical or horizontal....but only SOMETIMES... no matter what lense I have on....hhmmmm.  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 11:38am
Monica  OMG, I can only imagine how wild your wedding is going to may have to be rated :) Really fun, TFS these!  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 10:19am
Karen  wow, fun party! i like your friend with the hats...he's hilarious! i didn't know that you know vanessa! i went to HS with her...small world, eh?  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 10:06am
Kristen  I love that you set up a crazybooth at your own wedding shower. LOL.  Dec 1, 2008 ~ 7:21am