Reddy  Awesome Photography with natural poses ... Really amazing. Love your website  Jun 27, 2013 ~ 3:02am
Monica  Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  Dec 24, 2008 ~ 4:08pm
Monica  This photo of Zoe reminds me... My friend Mike left the front door ajar yesterday but we were able to grab his 1-year-old escapee sprinting to the end of the driveway. Acknowledgement is key to any recovery ;) You're halfway there.  Dec 24, 2008 ~ 4:07pm
Jean Nicolosi  OMG...I'm so sorry, Matt. Another 'mom' flaw that I passed on to you. I'm the worst at leaving doors open. My kitchen always looks like cat burglars have ransacked the cupboards for measuring cups and coffee filters. Together, we can get through this.  Dec 24, 2008 ~ 11:09am
Lana  I think this is just a man thing in general. Bobby didn't believe me either until I told him to "get up and come look." I had walked upon a site in the kitchen where each and every cabinet door was ajar. We both laughed uncontrollaby becasue it was so ridiculous. He now is a little more thoughtful of this man thing now as well.  Dec 24, 2008 ~ 10:52am
Mel  I think it is a guy thing. Hippie used to leave lots of cabinet doors and dresser drawers open too, but I think with me around pointing that out he does not do it quite as much anymore. Thank goodness, it drives me crazy!  Dec 24, 2008 ~ 8:54am
Matt Nicolosi  @ Chung. Hahaha... yes, before it was a case of ignorance is bliss, but now I see how weird I am.  Dec 23, 2008 ~ 8:06pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Jenny. That's just wrong. Deserved, but wrong. And for the record, leaving doors open hasn't cost $3200 yet, so I guess it's an upgrade.  Dec 23, 2008 ~ 8:04pm
jenny  would this be an up-grade or down-grade from leaving laptops on your car roof while driving?  Dec 23, 2008 ~ 2:32pm
Chung Nguyen  Isn't it nice to have someone around full-time who's happy to point out your shortcomings? (: That's love.  Dec 23, 2008 ~ 12:59pm