Melissa  congrats!!!! I am so excited for ya' her Tootsie!!! ;)  Feb 25, 2009 ~ 1:10pm
Paula Watson  ITALIAN: Gema (Jewel) and Pia (Devout). GREEK: Kyra (lady like), Talia (Blooming) and Tiana (Princess). AFRICAN: Feechi (Worship God), Layla (Born at night), Sabra (Patience), Zina (Secret Spirit)  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 9:38pm
Monica  My vote is for "Firenze" ;) or Francesca. Congratulations, she's so cute!  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 8:04pm
Marsha  What about Bella?  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 7:04pm
Jean Nicolosi  Bummer ..well, maybe...when she's a naughty girl! Sorry, my original list got rearranged. Here goes again! Pazzo or Pazza (crazy or crazy woman)__Peluche (soft toy)__Caro (dear/darling)__Luce (LOOchay-light)__Risa (she laughs)__Diva (prima donna)__Bacia (baCHEEya - she kisses!)  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 3:04pm
Jean Nicolosi  She looks just like you did when you were a baby! OK...a few names... Pazzo – crazy Pazza – crazy woman Peluche – soft toy Caro – dear, darling Luce – (LOOchay) light Risa – he/she laughs Diva – prima donna Stella – star Bacia – baCHEEya – she kisses! Sorriso - she smiles  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 2:46pm
Bonnie Michaels  Hi, Matt and Kylie ~ Okay, been a blog stalker of yours for a long time and now have to comment because I have a yorkie, Ruby, since she's from Kansas! How about the name...Posey ~ not that posing clients is your style at all, but it is sweet and catchy. Also, will email more later, but curious if you've ever shot a deployment homecoming at the Dallas airport? We're a military family in Killeen and my husband will be flying into Dallas on his return and love the idea of having it documented. Bonnie ~ ps have loved seeing all of your photos from your recent travels; congrats!  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 12:34pm
Liz  Congrats on the new addition! She is adorable! How about...Capri or Lucca or Felicità (happiness) or Carino (cute)...the options are endless! :) I do like Bella too! Congrats again!...and now for the house training. :)  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 10:13am
debbi  lucia or bella are my suggestions  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 9:55am
Lana  Maxwell says "Photo-Man-Matt could name her girlie, or maybe lizzard, or even maybe frog or even maybe Samatha; that is a girl's name." :)  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 8:55am
Karen  you had me going there for a second...i like bella or isabella...  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 8:51am
Susan Dodd  Matt, I didn't even have to think about this...her face, your italian reference...I think she is a "Bella". BTW she is adorable!!!  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 8:30am
Patrick  Call her Princess Puppy-butts.  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 4:34am
peachyc   Matt! Your dorkie comments was too funny! On the name suggestions, a photographer friend of mine has two little dogs named leica and lomo. Such a cute doggie!  Feb 23, 2009 ~ 3:28am
Dianna  Oh, good grief, my eyes got very big for a second, as I read the first sentence. Good job getting everyone all excited.  Feb 22, 2009 ~ 11:18pm