kimbrali  ooooooooooooooh. love this. i swear one day when i have a decent house and walls to put stuff on im going to come terrorize you for all of these.  Mar 31, 2009 ~ 12:16am
Elaine  Thanks for answering my question, again gorgeous shot, gives me something to continuously strive towards! Can't wait til your textures become available, hopefully a little tutorial on how to use them too for the not so knowledgeable..(Like me!)  Mar 28, 2009 ~ 1:46pm
Molly W.  thanks for sharing your behind the scenes stuff, really cool and appreciated.  Mar 28, 2009 ~ 7:25am
Matt Nicolosi  @Elaine: It was shot at 32mm. 24mm included too much stuff on the ground, so I zoomed in a bit.  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 1:48pm
Elaine  Great shot! (as usual!!) was that shot at 24mm? Breathtaking!  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 12:58pm
Tanya  Thanks for all the info Matt, I love knowing what you've done with your images.  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 12:08pm
Dennis Bullock  Like the mood!  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 9:43am
Angela Nicolosi  Just stunning. I'd love to see what you could do with Chicago - would change how I feel sitting in traffic just to know I'm resting on a work of art!  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 9:08am
Kelly Simmonds  You are so smart to be releasing some products for photographers. You know we all eat up your stuff. As soon as I read that, I thought, OH, I will be buying that!  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 7:47am